Ways to Make a Strong and Memorable First Impression with Your Office Entryway

There is no such thing as a second chance when it comes to making a good first impression. This applies to how your office presents itself to new people.

To ensure that your office puts its best face forward each and every time, follow these simple tips:

Maintain Consistency with Other Parts of Your Facility

Your customers will make their expectations of your office from the kind of interaction they experience in your lobby. It is the reason why it is crucial to have a nice lobby. But, make sure that you don’t disappoint them by going overboard with your lobby décor or else, they will assume that the entire facility looks that way as well. The use of a reputable and reliable janitorial service Dallas can help you achieve a consistent and complete facility.

Lighten Up

While it is possible that your lobby is already getting a good amount of natural light, it wouldn’t hurt to install an overhead light that can be adjusted according to the ambiance you wish to create.

Appeal to the Senses

Everyone loves the whiff of freshly baked cookies. It is an inviting and warm touch to offer freshly baked goods to clients and customers. Floral arrangements will also help set a visual stage and offer great fragrance at the same time.

Point them towards the Right Direction

You can make your office easier to navigate if you put up clear signage that will indicate other parts of your facility. Restroom signs are specifically essential but you might also want to include other areas frequently used.

Inform and Entertain

Offer seating and reading materials for people to use while waiting. Do you want to spread the word about a certain service or product? You can then play a video or let your customers browse preloaded tablets for them to stay focused on your organization.

A Friendly Face

It doesn’t matter if it is a doorman, security personnel, or a receptionist, you can add a personal touch by having someone who will greet people the moment they enter your building.

Stop Germs from Spreading

Germs are prevalent almost all year round. Having a hand sanitizer at your front desk can encourage people to also do their part in maintaining the health in your building.

Keep Weather Outside

Seeing snow or salt or a muddy or dirty floor can make your office entryway appear dingy. A lengthy floor mat will trap any unsightly dirt and stop it from entering your facility.

Do Your Best

Whatever your budget might be, there are several ways you can do to spruce up your lobby and make it more inviting. Are you on a shoestring budget? Try to rearrange the furniture and ensure that the whole place is spick and span. Do you have extra spending money? Why not some electronics or artwork pieces that will draw the eye?

Keep It Clean

The best way to make a good first impression with your entryway is to make sure that it is always clean and neat. Hire the most reliable janitorial services Dallas like Courtesy Building Services Inc. that can help you maintain a clean and nice lobby area.


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