4 things you should know before calling a window washing service

Summers give the real feel only if you’re able to see the daybreak outside through a crystal clear window from your desk at 9 in the morning.

If your windows don’t permit a clear, clean sight of everything on the other side of it and you’re looking to sponge them up yourself, there are three key things to ask yourself before you decide to put the curtains to the side and start rolling up your sleeves:

  • Safety and protection. The first thing to ask yourself with a cool mind is, can you actually clean the windows and the panes from the outside and reach every corner safely, and do you have the right equipment to ensure your own protection?

  • Available time. There might be countless windows and surfaces in your office, washing them all is a time-consuming task. The next thing to ask yourself is, do you have enough time on your desk and schedule to spend on cleaning the windows effectively? 

  • Quality. So many unskillful and inexperienced household cleaners or DIY amateurs can leave spots and streaks on your windows. Can you stare at those uncleaned spots until the next time you decide to have a window-clean up?

If you ask yourself these questions and are not able to hear satisfying answers from within yourself then its probably not a good idea to have a go at the glass yourself. Even after deciding to hire a professional window cleaning or washing service, there are things you should know and you probably didn’t think of. Here are four of them that you must be aware of before your window washers arrive with squeegees and wipers in their hands.

1. Don’t forget the blinds and curtains

Blinds and curtains are what decorate the windows and help them look manageable and decent. They’re a part of the whole windows experience and you shouldn’t forget about them. Cleaning them is equally important because they can accumulate dust and dirt on themselves which can later come off them and start collecting on the freshly cleaned windows. This can make the whole process useless. All you have to do is clean up the blinds and curtains prior to washing windows either by asking your office cleaning service or requesting the window washers to add it to their list as another service.

2. You can ask them about other odd jobs

Window washers are generally equipped with tall folding-ladders that can not just be used to wash high and faraway windows on your floor but can also access out-of-reach things inside your office too. So if some fans need a little dusting or light bulb is faulty, you can ask your window washing guys how much would it cost to add these extras to their to-do list.

3. Keep fragile items away

Accidents can happen anywhere. Keep your delicate and fragile goods and expensive equipment away from worksite all the time and move them to a safer place temporarily to ensure their safety before the cleaners arrive.

4. Consider window screens

If your screens are on the outside, they will need a more rigorous cleaning than if they are inside. Window washing services from Courtesy Building Services, Inc. will take it up to the task and improve the look of your building with their top-notch quality and equipment. 

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