Removing mold from ceiling tiles

Leaky pipes or vents can disturb the roofing and cause moisture to settle on the ceiling tiles damping its structure eventually leading to the development of mold, mildew or fungus. Removing this mold from the ceiling tiles requires a lot of work and professional ceiling-tile cleaning services are required to restore the tiles back properly.


Things to do prior to a mold-removal

Before calling a professional service over, you must do some things prior to cleaning the tiles. You must first search and identify the source of the damping moisture, see where it’s coming from and rectify the problem. This is extremely important because if the leakage is not identified and removed, the tiles will continue to dampen even after proper cleaning and the mold will continue to grow and spread. If you’re unable to do so yourself, you must call in other services first, a repair company, for example, to help you get to the root of the problem.


Removing the Mold

The first step, obviously, would be to remove the mold safely from your ceiling tiles and clean them all up. After cordoning off the area of the problem to ensure that it does not spread to other ceiling tiles while cleaning, a mild, diluted detergent is used to scrub away the mildew and mold away from them. Soft-bristled brushes will be used to clean the mold away while also scrubbing other dirt, mildew, stains or grime accumulated with the tiles.


Blow drying the tiles

Washing the tiles and leaving them be can cause more damping and create a pungent smell. Allowing them to dry by blowing air on them can remove moisture quickly and make them dry. They need to be completely dry in order for the next step to take place effectively. In some cases, particularly during the humid part of the year, dehumidifiers need to be used too along with air drying.

Using bleach 

To finish things off smoothly, a spray of bleach mixed with water is used on the tiles. Bleach destroys any leftover mold spores hidden inside the tiles effectively preventing it from growing back again. 


Painting the tiles after the process

If a mold ruins your tiles even once, it can permanently stain your ceiling tiles and it cannot return to its original color or texture. The mold removal process cannot undo this. To restore the aesthetics of your tile’s visuals, you may have to explore other avenues, like a paint job.


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