How to Make the Most Out of Office Light Fixture Cleaning and Maintenance

To ensure that your workplace receives the right quantity and quality of light, regular light fixture cleaning and maintenance is necessary. Periodic maintenance offers a host of benefits from a brighter and cleaner workplace to an improved level of productivity and security. Lighting fixture cleaning and maintenance experts from Courtesy Building Services Inc. recommends several strategies to help you increase the savings and efficiency associated with office lighting system operation.


One of the popular options for office managers who wish to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their office light fixtures while keeping the costs down is through regular replacement of lamps. Workers can help in replacing burned out bulbs or managers can also choose to schedule the replacement of lamps in a fixture set. It can be done one floor or one part of a floor at a time. There is a need to ensure that the re-lamping strategy that will be used is suitable for the facility’s needs.

There are a lot of reasons why office managers should consider lamp replacement. Among these reasons is that there will be reduced worker productivity while the lamp changer is moving around the office. Research has also revealed that work tends to slow down or worse, stop completely if there is an opened light fixture.

When you schedule lamp replacements, you have to identify the areas that have the highest vulnerability to disruptions. These must be the first candidates if you want to start this practice.

Keep It Clean

There are lots of facilities that just take for granted the importance of cleaning light fixtures. Most budgets for light maintenance don’t include funds for light fixture cleaning that is important to maintain the preferred light levels. Among the simple ways to guarantee that lights are clean is to hire janitorial services to help you in cleaning the lights, lenses, as well as the reflecting surfaces when changing the lamps. There are now new building regulations that implement the importance of having clean office spaces that include cleaning the light fixtures to make everything more efficient.

It is always recommended to use soft cotton cloth for cleaning the surfaces yet the cleaner should also remember turning it because every face can get quite dirty quickly. When your office has an issue with static electricity, a tiny amount of anti-static solution must be placed in the rinse water. An affordable anti-static solution is a laundry fabric softener.

When you outsource your light fixture cleaning and maintenance to janitorial Dallas like Courtesy Building Services Inc, there are a lot of improvements that you can benefit from. Janitorial services will generally clean your office light fixtures and change lamps as needed. By outsourcing light fixture cleaning to reliable office cleaning services, your in-house staff will be able to pay attention to their own jobs and other high priority tasks. Hiring janitorial services Dallas like Courtesy Building Services Inc. can help reduce the burdens on your shoulders when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your light fixtures.

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