Unveiling the Secrets of Desktop Cleaning

Would you like to work more efficiently and productively?

Among the most common problems usually encountered when it comes to standard office cleaning service involve the desktops.

When a commercial office cleaning service like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. quotes a cleaning service, this is often during business hours, with the employees working at their desks. Unless there is a clean desk policy implemented in the company, which is something highly recommended, it can be difficult to gauge how much or how little clutter will be on the desktop.

Humans by nature love coming back to things as they left them for them to pick up wherever they left off. You can just think of the problem that this presents to the office cleaning personnel when the scope of the job includes cleaning and clearing of desktops.

Usually, it can take weeks, or even never, before desks become clear enough to be cleaned thoroughly. This is why to make things easier for both the cleaners and the employees, Courtesy Building Services has some handy tips to ensure that your workspace will stay in great shape at all times.

Be Ruthless

If you haven’t managed to read that magazine article or pick up that newspaper that you have long been meaning to, there’s a chance that you won’t be doing so in the future. Make sure you ditch these in the right waste stream.

Do a Quick Scan of the Area

Take time to identify the things that are not related to your work and don’t really have to be there. These can include knick knacks, personal mementos, and your plate and coffee cup collection. All of these are notorious dust collectors.

Put It Aside

In case you cannot stomach the thought of shedding or binning something, put it aside in the meantime and just return to it after a while for further appraisal.

File It

Don’t just let the file organizer remain an accessory to your desktop. Use this properly to make it easier for you to find things you need when you need them.

Clean It

Once your desktop has gotten clearer from the things that you have been hoarding for the longest time in spite of the fact that you don’t really use the, grab the wipe and spray and give your desk a good swipe down.


You can now go back to the items that you find it hard to ditch during the first cut. It’s time to give them a second go and decide if you would still want them to be on your desktop.

Since you have started your way to having a cleaner desk, make time after your working hours to sort things out, as well as at the end of each week to clear your space for the office cleaners.

You will be surprised how the simple tips above can make your working space look and feel more pleasant than ever. This way, you can be sure that your day will start clean and fresh instead of dusty and clustered. Hopefully, these tips from Courtesy Building Services can make your work day a bit more enjoyable and productive.

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