5 Things to Ask Your Office Cleaning Company at Dallas TX

If you are a business owner, you have to do your homework when searching for cleaning services that you consider for your office. Inside your office, you have lots of important documents and materials including supplies, employee files and merchandise and these are the very reason why it is important that you work with only the most reputable office cleaning service provider like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. With their janitorial services, you can be sure that they will give a kind of commercial cleaning that is secure, efficient and thorough that you cannot simply find anywhere else.

But before you work with any janitorial agency, you have to ensure that you ask these 5 important questions before anything else.

  1. For how long has the company been part of the office cleaning industry?

While there are operators that carry a rag and a window cleaner and label themselves as professional cleaners, it is imperative to see to it that you only go for an established office cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services that has all the experience, skills and teams to guarantee the cleaning results.

      2. What types of office cleaning services are being offered by the company?

Aside from the simple vacuuming and dusting, you also have to check the other types of services that are being offered. Are they going to clean your carpets and hard floors, power wash the exteriors or work before, during and after some special events?

In office environments, a thorough cleaning of the touch points, specifically high traffic surfaces such as light switches, phones and door knobs, is completely essential to reduce the speed of germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses. Courtesy Building Services, Inc. makes use of all the right tools, practices and equipment to facilitate a complete clean.

      3. What kinds of clients are being served by the office cleaning company?

Raising this question helps you learn if your chosen company has experience in handling cleaning services for an office similar to yours. It is especially crucial when your office requires a specialized care or has specific needs.

      4. What types of cleaners are being used?

There are plenty of commercial cleaning services that make use of products which can be harmful not only to the health of the people but also to the environment. You have to take your time to ask your chosen cleaning service regarding the kind of cleaning products that they use. Do they use products that you know are completely safe? Janitorial services like Courtesy Building Services, Inc stays away from the use of harmful chemicals to ensure that your health is protected at all times.

      5. How will you know that you have chosen a trustworthy service?

Finally, when invite a commercial cleaning service to your office, you will want to know right away if your chosen service is really trustworthy. You can ask for referrals and testimonials to ensure that other people already tried using the cleaning services successfully.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. is the leading name you can trust when it comes to quality office cleaning services in Dallas, TX.

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