Avoid These Office Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid These Office Cleaning Mistakes

It can be quite difficult to navigate hundreds and thousands of cleaning items available on the market right now. But, it is even harder to figure out how you can apply and use these items in your office. It is too easy to use the wrong item accidentally or use an item the wrong way that can lead to more serious damages. Check out the common commercial cleaning mistakes to guarantee that you will not unknowingly commit any of them.

Assuming Your Cleaning Supplies are All Clean

Not a lot of people will be interested to sit down and give it a though but try to imagine the dirty surfaces touched by your sponges throughout the day. Kitchen sponges used for scrubbing away residues on sinks can serve as a veritable bacteria breeding ground. The same thing goes for common tools such as toilet brushes and vacuums.

With some simple precautions, you could ensure that you actually clean the surface and will not further add germs into the mix. Put the sponge inside the dishwasher or zap this in the microwave if it is still wet for several minutes for disinfecting it. Make sure that you empty your vacuum bags on a regular basis and let the toilet brush dry out over a toilet bowl before you put it back in its holder.

Excessively Using Natural Cleaning Products

As far as surfaces that you and other workers come into contact every day, many agree that it is better when less harsh chemicals are used. Homemade and natural cleaning solutions have gained fame recently. While it is a good decision to go the natural route when scrubbing down surfaces around the office, many of these natural products are not recommended for all surfaces. See to it that you research first about natural cleaning solutions and ensure that they will not end up causing damages in surfaces in your workplace.

Ignoring Instructions

Those instructions found on the back of a bottle are put there for a good reason. All cleaning products are specifically tested and formulated to know how to use them effectively, and taking the instructions for granted can be a total disservice. It might even lead to an accidental misuse. When the bottle says that you should not use it on floors, there’s a chance for adverse effects to occur. Spraying cleaners on surfaces and wiping them down often leaves residue and is less effective. What you can do instead is spray it on a sponge or soft rag before using it for wiping down the surface. While this might seem unnecessary, even a quick checking of the instructions will be able to help you in saving money and time, thus leading to a healthier and cleaner office.

Avoiding the common commercial cleaning mistakes mentioned above will be able to help save money, time, and frustration every time a product is not working in the exact way that you hope it to. See to it that you avoid committing such mistakes and bear in mind that if a mess gets too big for you to clean up on your own, it is always best to call professionals like Courtesy Building Services, Inc.


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