Does Your Pet Allow Pets? Why Not Hire Regular Janitorial Services Dallas?

Every year, officers have witnessed the amazing benefits of allowing their workers to bring their pets to the workplace. From calmer and more relaxed employees to improved attendance, allowing pets in the office plays a big role in helping employees get through their day. Of course, happy employees also mean a happy and more productive organization as a whole. 

However, there is no denying that the presence of pets in offices also raises some concerns, primarily allergies and dirt. Pets may also damage office floors and furniture. In companies wherein the building, management is in charge of janitorial problems, issues caused by pets may not really be a big deal. But for companies that deal with cleaning duties by themselves, allowing pets could be a serious dilemma. 

Although employees who bring their pets should be responsible for removing any dirt and mess, it is also a wise decision to hire professional janitorial services Dallas that will be in charge of regular cleaning of the office. 

There’s a Limit on What Your Employees Can Do 

Employees who bring their pets have full responsibility for it, including having the right insurance to cover pet damage, cleaning up litter and food spills, and cleaning pet hair from furniture. But, this is how far as employee care can go as they also need to focus on their job. 

Employees might also miss some things, like a few spots of spilled food or some leftover kibbles under a desk. This is where janitorial Dallas comes in. Office cleaners have the experience and time required to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your office. 

Professional office cleaners are also experts in stain removal. Your employee could have removed most of the mess but a commercial cleaning company can annihilate that stain once and for all. 

Extra Eyes will Ensure That Your Office Stays in Tiptop Condition 

If there are janitors who come in daily or weekly, you can enjoy the benefit of having extra pairs of eyes and hands, on top of the use of professional cleaning tools and supplies. Instead of relying on the lint brush that your employees use, office cleaning companies can use an industrial vacuum to give a second or even a third pass on every spot. 

As your employees focus on their job, commercial cleaners can do the following:

  • Sweep up and vacuum leftover pet dander and pet hair

  • Get rid of stains on floors and carpets that employees weren’t able to clean well

  • Pick up forgotten and drooped food and chewed toy pieces that employees didn’t notice 

  • Remove snout marks of curious cats and dogs from windows that employees missed 

These tasks might seem trivial to you but they are big deals to potential partners and customers visiting your company premises. 

Leftover pet dander and hair can also worsen allergies and the condition known as vasomotor rhinitis. So, your goal is to ensure that everything is cleaned properly to prevent allergic reactions. 

Make sure you contact Courtesy Building Services Inc. to get additional details about commercial cleaning services. This will help your employees have a great time when bringing their pets to the office. 

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