Professional Cleaning Services Clean Their Tools for Good Quality Clean

You surely use that cloth for cleaning your sink and countertop. You wash your dishes using the same sponge every single day. That mop is used to religiously clean your floors two times a week. But, can you still recall the last time that you spent time cleaning these cleaning tools? 

Providers of janitorial services in Dallas understand that the real secret for them to offer good quality clean to their clients is by making sure that all of their cleaning tools are clean at all times. 

So, how do they do it? Below are some tips on how to clean the cleaning tools that you use for keeping your office bathroom and kitchen spic and span. 

How to Clean Cloths 

Cotton cleaning tools, regular cloths, towels, and rags can be thrown into the laundry. The hottest cycle can be used to wash them. Microfiber cloths are known for their unique quality. Therefore, these cloths should not be washed using a fabric softener. It is because it will reduce the effectiveness of the cloth’s electrostatic properties. 

How to Clean Mops 

Eliminate any trapped dirt or debris. Most of today’s mop heads are detachable and thrown inside the washing machine. The hottest setting can be used. Hang it to dry. You can use hot water and plain detergent for cleaning them. You can add a boost to the wash by adding one cup of baking soda if you like. 

How to Clean the Vacuum Cleaner 

Don’t forget to check the user guide or manual to make sure that you maintain the vacuum cleaner based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. You should regularly change the bag or at least empty the canister. Cleaning the attachments and tools is very simple. Just wash them using soapy water then rinse it well. Allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours or until they are completely dry before you use them. This cleaning can be done two times a year. Make sure that you also check the vacuum filter to ensure that there is no clogging at all. 

How to Clean the Sponge 

You can microwave your wet sponge for one to two minutes to kill off bacteria. Just keep in mind that it might get very hot once you take the sponge out. Check that there are no metal bits in the sponge to avoid causing a fire.

How to Clean the Dishwasher 

Leave it open to allow the dishwasher to dry once in a while. Clear away the food trap every week and wipe down the base using the mixture of water and vinegar. There is often the option to run the cleaning cycle of the machine so do this if you haven’t tried doing it in the past. 

How to Clean the Toilet Bowl Brush

You have the option to clean the brush or just get a brand new one. You can just replace it but if you want an easy and quickly clean, put a good amount of bleach inside the toilet bowl. Allow the brush to sit inside for one hour. This is an easy, quick, and painless way to clean the toilet bowl brush. 

The team of Courtesy Building Services Inc. believes that the only way to get a good cleaning done is by cleaning their cleaning tools. Contact the professionals to get a one of a kind cleaning service like no other. 

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