Why Floor Maintenance Service is Important for All Types of Flooring?

Whenever you think of the maintenance and cleaning needs of your commercial building, do you count floor maintenance in? Well, one of the things you may do to prolong your floor’s life in your building is to have a plan with a cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc that would determine when and how preventative floor maintenance service will occur aside from regular cleaning.

Replacing flooring is a big expense for businesses, even if you manage to get away with partial replacement. In high traffic areas, preventative maintenance may save you money in the end. It will improve the bottom line and keep the costs down.

Flooring Maintenance for Ceramic Tile 

For those who don’t know, ceramic tile flooring is easy to clean. However, the grout absolutely needs a maintenance plan. Even with regular cleaning, the grout may start to look dingy and dirty. The frequency that you will need to get the grout cleaned would be dependent on how much traffic the floor sees on a daily basis. It is a great idea to check with the ceramic flooring manufacturer to see what type of grout cleaner they recommend.

Flooring Maintenance for Resilient VCT Tile 

Regular cleaning of this kind of tile is essential, but a proper floor maintenance plan would keep the tile looking great for many years to come. On a routine basis, your cleaning team must machine scrub your building’s flooring using a properly diluted solution and rinse it thoroughly. When tiles are dry, they may do a spray buff to return the tile’s original gloss. If there are only 3 to 5 coats of polish on the tiles, an extra layer of finish may be added after machine cleaning. Another method is to do clean and burnish. It uses burnishing chemicals to bring back gloss after cleaning.

Flooring Maintenance for Concrete Floor

Simple everyday mopping is important in the care of the concrete floor, particularly if the concrete floor is polished or in high traffic area. But, concrete flooring needs deep cleaning on a regular basis to keep it attractive and functioning for the commercial building. Expert cleaners use the equipment for deep cleaning and drying it quickly. With VCT tile, sealants may be reapplied after machine scrub to keep your floor longer and healthier.

Flooring Maintenance for Rubber Floor

Rubber flooring like the ones you will see in the play areas of kids or in gyms is simple to clean on a regular basis. Just a vacuum or sweep and quick mop and it’ll look good again. Using a wet-dry vacuum for sucking up excess water is always a great idea. If you require deep clean on rubber flooring, floor strippers will be required to dug-in debris and dirt. It will likely get rid of the rubber flooring’s finish so after strippers are removed, the floors will require regular cleaning and refinishing.

How Courtesy Building Services, Inc Can Help You With Your Floor Maintenance Needs?

If you care about your building’s flooring, you should know how important floor maintenance is. So, make sure to call Courtesy Building Services for your flooring maintenance needs.

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