Why Trust Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service Providers?

Nowadays, people are much concerned about the environment. As a matter of fact, a lot of people purchase green products like laundry detergent and use green or eco-friendly cleaning products in their homes that never pollute the environment and products that are made of natural ingredients, which are non-toxic. So, what about the commercial cleaning service options? Can a commercial cleaning service provider use only eco-friendly products?

Well, the answer to that is yes. In fact, numerous cleaning companies today advertise themselves as green or eco-friendly companies and one of these is Courtesy Building Services, Inc. Such companies only make use of non-toxic products when cleaning, which enable them to save the environment and one’s health.

Green Cleaning Products Don’t Release Too Much Allergenic Substances in an Environment

Luckily, commercial buildings became more energy-efficient years ago. With good sealed windows and no crevices or cracks to let out cooling or warmth, businessmen saw their energy bills go down.

 It is good for cost savings, but this also means that any toxins stay in the air rather than being released out into the surroundings and to outdoors. It’s known as sick building syndrome and this is made even worse once you hire a commercial cleaning service provider that does not use green or eco-friendly cleaning products. Once you hire this kind off company, the toxins in their cleaning supplies will stay trapped in the building that you and your co-workers end up breathing them in. it is definitely unpleasant and this can make you sick. So, just choose a company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc as this uses green products.

Green Cleaning Products Mean Lesser Pollutants

In commercial cleaning service companies, they use the typical toxic commercial products to clean your building or office and they should dilute such products in the water to use them, especially when they are mopping the floor. Once they dump that water, all dirt particles from the floor will go into the sewer system, yet the toxins from the chemicals in a cleaning solution also get stuck in the sewage system. In a worst-case scenario, this could mean ending up in the water supply. You and some people in your place might end up ingesting such toxins in your drinking water.

On contrary, a good commercial cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. uses non-toxic eco-friendly products that will not pollute your water supply. Definitely, the dirt from the floor in a cleaning solution used on some services ends up in your sewer system, yet due to the reason that the cleaning solutions are biodegradable and non-toxic, they become harmless and break down to the environment.

Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line

Hiring a good commercial cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. that uses green cleaning solutions can bode well for your bottom line. Since you and colleagues aren’t exposed to toxins continually, you and your colleagues’ health will improve. Better health means no sick or lesser sick days, greater productivity, and reduced health care costs.


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