Why Is It Critical to Clean Your Office Refrigerator?

The last thing you want is an office refrigerator filled to the brim with things that look like they came straight out of science projects.

In fact, nothing is worse than opening your office lunchroom fridge only to be bombarded by the combined smell of rotten food and sour milk. This smelly reality is what many people have to deal with every single day at the office. But, you don’t have to worry because you can easily avoid those head-spinning odors and harmful bacteria by just doing a few things.

First, you have to know the causes of the smell and their associated risks. It is safe to assume that the bad smell in the fridge is always almost the result of spoiled food. While this smell alone is already unpleasant in itself, it is the bacteria party and internal mold that you have to worry about.

There is a common misconception that fridges prevent the breeding of bacteria. But the truth is, what happens is exactly the opposite. The cold environment together with the leftover dinner of your colleague as well as those strawberries that were forgotten inside the fridge for several days offers an ideal breeding spot for the psychrophilic bacteria. Other types of bacteria like Listeria monocytogenes can thrive at cooler temperatures and once present, these can grow inside the fridge and cause illness. Eating food which has been infested by these nasty germs could lead to serious effects on your health.

What can you do then?

Keep It, Chill

Can you still recall the last time you tweaked or checked the temperature of your office fridge? Bacteria can thrive in more than 6 degrees Celsius, thus, you have to try keeping it at 4 degrees Celsius or lower. You can also try to check the temperature once every week and always keep the door closed when not in use.

Avoid Spilling the Milk  

Milk, as well as other types of dairy products, can harbor bacteria compared to other things in your office fridge. Make sure you wipe away any drip that runs down the milk carton after pouring some on your coffee. You also have to check that the lid is fixed on butter and leave its foil seal on.

No to Overstuffing

Cold air must circulate properly for food to stay chilled and kill off bacteria. But, it will never be able to do it when it is fully crowded. A crowded fridge can also make it more difficult to identify what’s good from what’s not. Designate sections or shelves for every employee so that everyone will be able to monitor their own space.

At Courtesy Building Services, Inc, they recommend their clients a thorough and complete clean at least once every month. It is must to ditch those which have already been abandoned and has become a weird science project. They will then schedule a full service as a part of regular commercial cleaning service and they suggest that this is completed at the last weekend cleaning service for each month. This way, everyone will know when it is due.

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