Dirty Floors and How They Hurt Your Business

Many people often ignore or even take for granted what is under their feet. It happens not only in residential homes but more so in business premises. During cleaning, floors are usually given lesser attention compared to other areas in a room.

Floors, no matter what the material might be, are often affected by dust, dirt, and debris. The rest of the things that are not discarded properly also end up on the floors. This issue may seem a bit minor but the consequences of having dirty and unkempt floors can actually hurt your business in many ways. As your reliable floor maintenance service provider, Courtesy Building Services Inc. lists down the ways on how dirty floors affect and hurt your business.

Dirty Floors Affect Employees’ Health

Dirty floors and sick leave go hand in hand. When the office floors are dirtier, there will also be more sick days off. It is because dirty floors serve as home to disease-causing bacteria and germs. Considering that dirt gives them a favorable environment for reproduction, they multiply themselves faster and the first ones to suffer from these consequences are none other the office workers.

You can solve the issue of sick leaves by having sanitized and clean floors that are free from micro-organisms. It also helps cut down on medical expenses.

Dirty Floors Reduce Productivity

Of course, unhealthy employees will also be less productive. They will lack the vigor or energy to perform well with their jobs. For example, when they file for sick leave to recover from their medical condition, your business is going to suffer from the lack of their labor. Your dirty floors may be the culprit behind their sickness in the first place.

With different health complications that can affect your business, you will end up spending most of your resources and time for treatment of your employees. The funds could have been channeled to your company instead of being spent on these health related concerns. Aside from that, employees worried about their health problems often pay lesser attention to core tasks at work, making them less productive than ever.

One more way for dirty floors to hurt your business, particularly as far as productivity is concerned, is how they contribute to a poor working environment. It is never a good thing to work in a place with a dusty floor. No person in his right mind will be proud or even motivated to work at such a place. This results in a significant decline in employee morale, leading to low performance.

Dirty Floors Damage Brand Image

Your business has its own brand that you have to protect. Sadly, it just takes something as simple as dirty floors to ruin not just your image but also your reputation. Remember that dirty floors don’t only affect your employees but also other people, including customers, suppliers, and prospect business partners that visit your premises regularly. If your floors look filthy, they wouldn’t think twice to bolt out of your doors without closing the deal.

Courtesy Building Services Inc. can be your trusted partner for floor maintenance service to ensure that your office floors will be spotlessly clean.

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