Top Four Methods for Maintenance and Care of Office Furniture

Courtesy Building Services has been offering office cleaning services in Texas for many years, which makes them familiar with the current janitorial industry. They know that any commercial office furniture should be meant to last for a long time despite heavy use. However, without proper maintenance and care, you might end up finding yourself replacing this more often than what is necessary. You can expect that there will be regular wear and tear, but with the right preventative maintenance measures, the furniture pieces in your office can last longer than your retiring workers. Below are some of the things that Courtesy Building Services learned from the years of being in the field:

Know Every Office Furniture Piece

See to it that you and your chosen commercial cleaning company are aware of the products you can and cannot use on your office fixtures and furniture. Manufacturer care instructions must be part of your office cleaning protocol as a use of wrong cleaners can cause damages on surfaces. If you are doubtful, the safest route is to dampen a microfiber cloth with water that you can use for cleaning.

Leather should also be kept safe away from direct sunlight and wiped using cleaners meant for leather items. You must also have a handy leather repair kit for any quick fixes to address a problem before it gets bigger. Metal and wood fixtures and furniture must be wiped using a damp cloth. Inquire from your janitorial service about the products they use for ensuring both safety and sanitation.

Be Proactive

Make sure you schedule regular check-ins and set policies which give your employees a chance to report concerns on furniture maintenance and office cleaning. A tiny tear in the carpet or cushion could be repaired before it turns into a big hole which will require complete replacement. All staff levels, from the janitorial service company to the upper management must report these concerns.

Find and tighten any screws and bolts in your furniture pieces. Offer and encourage the use of desk pads, floor mats, and coasters for damage prevention before they happen. Prohibit your staff from sitting on the arms of reception furniture or chairs, or use them outside their intended function.

Deep Clean

There must also be a regular schedule for deep cleaning your office. It can include cleaning outdoor and indoor vents, clearing areas, and wiping baseboards. This can also include cleaning window sills and windows, chandeliers and ceiling fans, and others that might not be part of your regular scheduled cleaning and maintenance. Take note that janitorial service professionals usually dust flat surfaces and wipe handles but construction or remodel cleanups or move out and move in situations will need a deep clean as well.

Your employees must also be required for doing a regular deep clean of their own space which includes filing papers, cleaning out their desk drawers, dusting around, behind, and in their computers. Office cleaning workers usually don’t remove knickknacks or papers from desks so think of how you will handle regular clutter of your employees.

Courtesy Building Services will help you maintain and look after your office furniture and fixtures to preserve their lifespan.


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