Best Window Cleaning Tips from the Most Reliable Cleaning Company

A lot of people don’t clean their windows enough. Once a year is typically the norm, yet it isn’t enough in almost all cases. Numerous window cleaners like Courtesy Building Services, Inc agree that you have to clean the windows thoroughly at least every 6 months. For businesses, cleaning windows every 3 months is recommended and is imperative to keep the office clean and tidy. Below are some of the professional window cleaning tips that can help you brighten your workplace. But, you have to remember that such tips aren’t an alternative for professional cleaning services.

Tip #1: Cleaning Method

The most ideal way to clean the windows is to work from the top to bottom. Professional window cleaners usually recommend this method as it ensures that you don’t leave streaks on your windows. They also recommend wiping the water streaming down and the perfect way to do this is by starting from top to the bottom prior to it dries up. It’s essential for the reason that once dry, this will leave the ugly stains that defeat the objective of cleaning the windows.

Tip #2: Working On Tall Windows

In many instances, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals to clean your windows because they can handle the exterior part of the tall windows efficiently. But, if you like to save money, you may use your garden hose instead. Just dip a cloth in some window cleaner and fasten it to the tip of the hose and spray the water through it on to the windows. After that, utilize a painter’s pole with a neat cloth attached to the end and wipe it down. You may also use this kind of cleaning for the inside part of the windows. There’s a great chance that there would be some streaks left after you’re done. That is the reason why it’s always best to hire experts like Courtesy Building Services.

Tip #3: Use an Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Most commercial window cleaners available in the market are ammonia based that makes them harmful. But, you may use homemade window cleaners with the things in your kitchen. Just combine white vinegar with warm water. It’s proven to be safe and effective window cleaning product that’s highly recommended by many window cleaners.

Tip #4: Utilizing Off the Shelf Window Cleaners

If you’re going to utilize off the shelf window cleaners, then never use a regular cloth for drying out windows. It’d be better to use some newspapers since it doesn’t leaver water stains behind once the windows dry off.

Tip #5: Protect Your Flooring

Courtesy Building Services believed that the simplest way to protect your floorings is through covering it with old newspaper. It will ensure that there aren’t any stains left behind on the floor.

Hiring the most reliable cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc will not just give you convenience, but also you can guarantee that you will get nothing but properly cleaned windows.


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