Restroom Cleaning Checklist for Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Restrooms are one of those areas in your office that require an effective cleaning for many reasons. More than other spaces in your facility, the state of your restrooms can affect the overall perception not only of your workers but even your customers and visitors. Poor restroom cleaning might make them feel like you don’t care about them at all. It can then lead to employee apathy or a downshift in productivity. Poor attitudes among employees can be very contagious and create a vicious cycle. Courtesy Building Services, Inc. understands the importance of proper cleaning of restrooms.
To give you some idea, here is a quick checklist of what commercial cleaning experts do when cleaning your restrooms.
Careful cleaning of touch points, high contact, or hot spots to reduce the spread of germs that can cause different diseases.
Cleaning should be done first before disinfecting surfaces with the use of the right dwell times to ensure that disease causing bacteria and germs will be eradicated.
Mirrors must be shiny and clean.
There must be no overwhelming toilet odor and overall smell must be fresh and clean.
Use of industry best practices with agitation, extraction, and chemicals to ensure floors, walls, urinals, toilets, mirrors, fixtures, and sinks are deep cleaned and scrubbed.
Urinal handles should be cleaned, disinfected then wiped dry with the urinal blocks replaced and screens cleaned.
Toilet seats and toilet should be cleaned, disinfected, then wiped dry.
Frequent restocking of important supplies such as hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.
Feminine hygiene dispensers must be cleaned, disinfected then restocked with brand new liners placed as required.
Routine inspection of fixtures such as paper, dryers, dispensers, and other to ensure that these are in right working order.
Regular emptying of trash and sanitary disposal containers before they become full.
Systematic cleaning behind and around toilets and other hard to reach but essential areas to eliminate odors.
Cleaning counters and floors to get rid of water, splashes, and keep surfaces looking great.
When restrooms are being cleaned, grout and floor drains should also be cleaned.
Maintenance of restroom partitions to keep them free of the 3 Gs, namely graffiti, gum, and grime.
Check that every light bulb is functioning properly.
Regular vacuuming or dusting of air vents.
Ensuring regular deep cleaning is performed to remove long term problems piling up and protect the assets of your building.
Attention to detail which include base boards, ceilings, and clean corners.
Restroom cleaning towel, mops, and cloths must not be used outside the restroom.
Exceptional janitorial services like Courtesy Building Services make use of state of the art cleaning equipment for doing the best job for the best prices.
The equipment and supplies closet must be organized, well stocked, and clean.
A visual inspection must be done upon completion and other areas that require future maintenance must be noted.


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