The Value and Importance of Having the Cleanest Restrooms

It is hard to believe and imagine that just a single room can have a lot of impact on how people view not just your building but also your business or company as a whole.

In general, restroom facilities are less than 5 percent of the space in buildings. But, it is surprising that they are the cause of around 95 percent of complaints. Restrooms are usually that one part of a building that gets most visited and even just a few minutes of spending in there are more than enough to form a lasting impression even long after the visit.

A clean and tidy restroom facility is a must for positive customer interaction, not to mention that this is also a key morale builder among employees. A not so good experience can easily mean a poor reputation and loss of customers. A restroom that smells and looks terrible can make people feel utterly terrible.

Among the leading complaints are bad odors. Although some cases are associated with the building-related issue, such as the aging facility or lack of proper ventilation, improper and infrequent cleaning are the most commonly cited culprits.

What do these all mean? It means that clean and well-kept restroom facilities are crucial for positive employee and customer morale.

Janitorial services Dallas shares some tips on how to prevent restroom nightmares.

Empty Trash

The worst thing that you can ever see upon entering a restroom is none other than an overflowing trash bin. If there is lots of traffic during the day, it is best to check and empty the trash several times within the day as needed.

Stock Restroom Supplies

Seat covers, paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap are just some of the items you need to replenish on a daily basis. Forget about such items and you will end up with unhappy employees and customers.

Clean Toilets

Urinals and toilets get used a lot throughout the day, particularly when there is a lot of traffic. You have to clean them on a daily basis for the most obvious reasons.

Clean Sinks

The restroom sink is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Clean the sinks daily to lessen the risks of bacteria and to ensure that they continue to look shiny for employees and customers.

Clean Restroom Stalls and Walls

Even though these probably don’t require cleaning daily, restroom walls and stalls must be wiped down at least two times a week.

Mop Floor

To ensure that there will be no long-term damages to tile, linoleum, and wood, you can consider mopping the restroom floors on a daily basis or several times a week.

When your company or office has enough resources, you can assign one member of the staff to check the restroom facilities times during the day. But, if your company lacks the resources for restroom maintenance and cleaning, janitorial services Dallas can provide the much needed regular cleaning to keep these paces clean for your employees and customers.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. will never miss these common cleaning trouble spots in your building.


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