Regular Commercial Cleaning for Proper Pest Control

Pest infestations can be a serious hassle which can cause your business money and time. This is the reason why pest control is a crucial part of office upkeep. Sadly, the failure to have regular commercial cleaning performed can trigger an infestation. With severe infestations excluded, preventative measures are often enough for pests to stay away from your office space.

At Courtesy Building Services, Inc, they know that pest control is important for the safety and health of any office. Below are some of the key areas in your office that you need to clean on a regular basis to keep pests at bay.


Carpets are an integral area that you have to focus your efforts on pest control on. Without proper cleaning, carpets tend to serve as a breeding ground for all sorts of pest infestations. Different pests such as fleas, ticks, ants, or dust mites will burrow into your carpets.

Constant cleaning can get rid of dead skin, dirt, food, as well as other types of organic matter trapped in between carpet fibers that can attract vermin. You have to regularly schedule commercial cleaning from expert services such as Courtesy Building Services, Inc. to ensure your carpets are pest-free and clean at all times.

Break Rooms and Cafeterias

Break rooms and cafeterias are a favorite spot of pests. Spills and crumbs are the main cause of pest invasion. To limit the places that tend to attract bugs, make sure you always eat in the break room or cafeteria of your office. In these places, store trash inside sealed bins and empty them on a regular basis.

Grime and dirt can attract pests as well. See to it that you disinfect and clean tables, counters, and appliance pieces such as toasters or coffee makers. Don’t forget to put away food and clean properly after eating. Remnants of food will attract roaches and flies.

Outdoor Areas

The last but not the least, outdoor areas should never be forgotten during pest control. Rodents and insects obviously live outside, which makes it impossible to get rid of them completely. But, there are some preventative measures that can hinder them from leaving their own habitats and invading your office space.

Trim branches and shrubs that hang on the sides or windows of the building which can encourage pests to create their own residence inside your office. See to it that door frames, windows, as well as other points of entry are cleared of debris and sealed. Finally, repair decayed wood and sidings near or on your building to prevent any pest invasion.

Pest invasion must always be a top priority in any office since these critters will only end up exacerbating allergies and spreading disease. Scheduling regular appointments with your trusted office cleaning agency can keep your building safe and clean.

The expert team at Courtesy Building Services, Inc will help you maintain deep and regular cleaning of your office. They specialize in cleaning offices and buildings so make sure you schedule an appointment with their team of cleaning professionals today.


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