Commercial Cleaning Service to Help You Get Rid of Cigarette Smell from Your Building

Tobacco cigarettes create gases and particles that can easily combine with the air and other substances. These substances can then embed deep into surfaces and the skin of the smoker, which can make the smell lingers for a long time. Efforts to remove cigarette smoke from the fabrics and your building can be tricky, particularly if there are smokers in the office who can deposit some residue to already clean surfaces.

When you are a building owner, aside from making sure that your office smells nice and clean, you will also find it very important to get rid of any cigarette smoke for the sake of your workers and your clients or customers. Nonsmoking workers will surely not want to stay in a working environment with severe traces of cigarette smoke. Courtesy Building Services, Inc. cites some of the important ways to clean off cigarette smell. You can always hire office cleaning experts who can handle all of your cleaning needs. However, there are still some tips that you can follow to remove the unwanted smell from your building or office on your own.

  • Open all the windows and let the fans work and spread air everywhere. It allows ventilation that can work great in eliminating the odor around your office.

  • Clean every hard surface thoroughly using ammonia-based cleaners to ensure that you clean your windows inside. Just make sure that you keep acidic products off any woodwork for keeping damages at bay. You might also want to consider painting the surfaces for trapping the door although it might only provide temporary results.

  • Clean fixtures such as light bulbs. These light bulbs tend to disperse cigarette smell once they are heated, and keeping them clean can go a very long way to keep the smell at bay. On the other hand, you can also use bulbs that don’t heat up a lot when being used to control the problem.

  • You can also replace your carpet since it can be difficult to get rid of smoke particles from it. This can also help scrub the floor under the carpet before you install a new one. One more thing you can do if you want to continue using the same carpet is to hire professional commercial cleaning services like Courtesy Building Services. As experts, they know the best techniques and products to use for thorough cleaning of carpets and remove any smell.

  • Use a chemical sponge for removing residue from lampshades, books, and other kinds of material around your building which cannot be cleaned any other way.

  • Soak window blinds then use an-all purpose cleaner for scrubbing off smell and allow them to dry. The curtains can also be professionally cleaned, or if required, just replace them to keep your building smelling great.

  • You can also replace heating and air filters since these can harbor cigarette odors and other forms of irritants.

  • Have your building cleaned by professionals like Courtesy Building Services as they can get rid not only of cigarette smoke but also other types of unwanted odors, bacteria, and viruses.


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