Proper Office Etiquette for a Clean and Tidy Work space

Many people have this affinity to keep some decorations, supplies, and other things within easy reach right on their desk. But, these items can quickly turn into clutter, and this clutter can soon transform into a serious mess. Make sure are not this kind of coworker. Here are some tips to have a mess-free and clean workspace.

Cut Control

Particularly during the summer season when iced coffee is being consumed as often as water, people have this guilt of leaving behind a couple of plastic cups on their desk space. But, the moment these plastic cups turn into three, or more dirty coffee mugs that you always tell yourself to discard later, things can go out of control. See to it that you satisfy your coffee cravings without letting your mugs multiply. If there are communal cups that you hare with your coworkers, don’t forget to wash then replace yours when the day ends.

Cleaning Supplies

It is always a good idea to have some cleaning supplies available. You can keep some hand sanitizer or a box of disinfectant wipes at your desk for easier access if ever an accidental spill or other types of mess requires wiping up right away. It will not only make it more convenient to clean up messes as it also prevents you and your colleagues from spreading illnesses and make sure that your workspace remains a sanitary environment.

Kitchen Duty

Since you are in the office and not in your college dorm, refrain from leaving a pile of dishes balancing dangerously in the office kitchen sink. This will not only breed bacteria and attract bugs because it is also rude to continue to add to a stack even though you might not be the one who started it. Make it a point to wash your dishes and put them away. Don’t leave any food in the office refrigerator. It might not seem like a big deal to have one expired yogurt but sooner, it will turn into more, and what you will get is a smelly fridge with rotting food.

No to Eating at Your Desk

There is nothing wrong with a quick snack but don’t indulge in a messy lunch which could spill and spread some strong smells around the office. Aside from being rude and potentially disruptive to coworkers, eating your lunch at your desk can even spread bacteria and crumbs that can increase the possibility of spreading illness around the office. Look for a good space away from the desk then wash your hands properly before and after. Dispose or wash the containers right after using them.

Hire Professionals

Clean office spaces are professional office spaces. Even though everyone tries their best to maintain an efficient and clean workspace, there is a chance that things will go out of hand. A reliable office cleaning service must regularly come to your workspace to keep things hygienic and clean. The team from Courtesy Building Services, Inc. is trained to keeping offices sanitary and keeping germ and mess from spreading.


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