Office Cleaning Tips to Remember This Coming Christmas Break

Most businesses choose to shut down for a week or two during Christmas or New Year break. There are even some which shut down for several days more around each of these special dates.

To gear up for the coming busy months which lie ahead, a careful and thorough commercial cleaning will be able to help a lot not just in kick starting your holiday preparation but also to revitalize the overall appearance of your business on the most special time of the year.

For your business to be ready to rock and roll this coming Christmas and New Year, Courtesy Building Services, Inc. lists down five office cleaning tips for Christmas break for all types of businesses:

Sanitize Desks

Christmas season also happens to be the start of flu and cold season. This is why you have to keep the germ count in your office down so better grab a handful of disinfecting wipes. Make sure that you wipe down every single work area and desk in your office.

Switch Out Bulbs

With lesser light and shorter days, are you aware that about 66 percent of consumers choose to purchase products or get the services of socially conscious companies? While it doesn’t mean that you have to go and invest in solar panels, you could actually start in simple steps like changing your old light bulbs and going for energy efficient ones instead. At Courtesy Building Services, Inc. also makes sure that only green cleaning supplies will be used so that you will not just improve your brand but save money at the same time.

Clear the Fridge

Is there a kitchen in your office? If yes, then, it could be the best time for you to go and get a look inside your refrigerator and remove any forgotten and spoiled food your workers left behind. Let your employees know that you will be clearing out so they can grab the things they still need and toss the rest. Then, swab down the ref and reward yourself with a clean smelling fridge on New Year.

Get Rid of the Cobwebs

It has probably been some time since you’ve got a good look around the office and made sure that all the hard to reach nooks and corners are spotless clean. To prepare for the holidays, get on to office cleaning by taking out the stepladder and clearing those corners from cobwebs. Try to dust difficult to reach spaces then clean anything which is not being cleaned regularly.

Empty All Waste Baskets

Even those baskets for paper only could harbor uneaten remains of a sandwich so don’t neglect anything. Make sure that all trash containers are cleared and emptied before you close down for the holidays.

While you can do these things on your own, experts like Courtesy Building Services, inc. can do these and more to give you a solid head start for a more productive, successful and triumphant 2017.



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