Office Cleaning Services Give a Visible Impact on Your Customers

While it may sound cliché, first impressions are really lasting impressions and if you are a business owner, you should take this seriously if you want to get more customers. The moment they step inside a clean and neat establishment, customers will be impressed right away with the visible efforts done to keep an organized office.

They will think that the company is meticulous with its conduct of business and dealings. Office cleaning providers like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. will ensure that your establishment will sparkle and glow with warmth and give off a sense of textbook cleanliness and smartness that adds substantial value to your business.


There is simply no room for two opinions as far as the frequency of janitorial services are concerned. The occupational density for every square foot in a commercial space is relatively higher than that in a residential environment. Add to that a lack of personal ownership to maintain a clean environment and you will have no other choice but to go for a daily commercial cleaning arrangement.

Clean Environment

Business or office employees are paid to be physically present for about 40 hours a week, or even more, considering today’s tough competition for employment, increased management demands and personal keenness to go higher in the corporate ladder.

Working and moving around in a place which is not duly sanitized will be nothing but an open invitation for spread of illnesses and diseases among your human resources. This will cause two major pitfalls. One is that this can increase employee downtime which can lead to possible risks of delayed implementation of projects. Second, this can also spike in the outlay of the affected employee’s medical benefits. Therefore, office cleaning services must be regarded as a vital contributor to the overall productivity of any business.

Scope of Services

Commercial cleaning services consist of cleaning surface areas in the premises of the office, including workstations, washrooms, pantry, record rooms and others. All fixtures, furniture, fittings, tube lights, appliances like fans, wash basins, taps, sinks, window glass panes, tables, chairs, computers, telephones and others are going to be wiped clean.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. will provide you with a specialist team to ensure the use of biodegradable and friendly disinfectants and chemicals depending on whether the surface that will be cleaned is made of ceramic, plastic, wood, steel or others. 


The time when office cleaning will be done is also important. No business will like to be disrupted during office hours by the cleaning staff as they go about their task.

Courtesy Building Services will work on time slots most suitable to your needs so that they will be off the office premises when your employees are busy with their everyday grind. This way, you can be assured that no disruptions will take place and cleaning will be completed at the soonest and most convenient time possible.

Give your customers more reasons to do business with you by employing expert janitorial services from Courtesy Building Services, inc.



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