Moving to a New Office? Here are Tips to Make the Transition Easy

At Courtesy Building Services, Inc, they understand all too well how stressful it can be to move to a new office space. But, a move could also be a great chance for your business.

To minimize downtime and stress during your office move, below are a few tips to ensure an efficient and smooth process.


While taking inventory, determine if you could throw out broken and unwanted office furniture or supplies, outdated paperwork, or other things you don’t need to bring with you. Ask employees to help separate things into three categories: keep, donate, or throw away.

The owners or managers of the company must sort out unwanted files and paperwork. Never waste money and time on movers and packing things that you will just throw out the moment you have settled into your new office.

Be Organized

Before tossing out old office supplies and papers into miscellaneous boxes, it is a must to stay organized right from the beginning of the move. Start by taking inventory of all the things that will be moved for you to know if some things get left behind.

Make sure you label every box with the name of the people whose belongings are in the box or the rooms where the contents of the box belong. For instance, mugs, filters, machines, as well as other accessories must be placed in boxes labeled as a break room. When you stay organized, you will prevent losing essential items and feel overwhelmed once you unpack in your new office space.

Do Minor Touchups and Repairs

While it is a must to hire experts for major repairs, minor projects like repainting could be done on your own. The previous tenants or construction workers may have caused scratches on pain walls, or you may just want some changes. Moving to a new office is the best time to repair lighting fixtures or repaint walls. After you moved in your furniture, the last thing you want is to move them out again just to make repairs or repaint.

Work with an Interior Designer

If customers or clients visit the office on a regular basis, you can work with an interior decorator to revamp your building with a fresh and modern design. First impressions do matter, and when clients walk into a dark, outdated, or dirty office, they will not be confident to do business with your company. Customers are more impressed with a well-lit, beautifully decorated, and clean building. An interior designer will help you pick trendy furniture and artwork which best suits your new office space.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Before moving in employees and furniture, you will want to ensure that your new office space has been thoroughly cleaned. Working with a professional office cleaning service such as Courtesy Building Services, Inc. will prepare you for success prior to moving to your brand new office.

The whole building, particularly restrooms, floors, rafters, and carpets require deep cleaning. The past tenants may have failed to clean after leaving, while vacant buildings might be filled with dirt and dust.

Let Courtesy Building Services, Inc. transform your new office space!

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