Keep Your Ceiling Free from Dust – Get Professional Help from Commercial Cleaning Services

It is very common to see dust forming on the ceiling, mainly because many of you don’t pay attention to this part of the room when cleaning. The result is that small dust and dirt particles end up deposited on the ceiling surface, making it look gray and dull.

Good thing that the workers of an office cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services will efficiently and professional perform cleaning of your ceiling from dirt and dust. If this is something you like to do on your own, there are some pieces of advice given by experts from Courtesy Building Services.

Dry cleaning method is the perfect way to clear away any dust from your ceiling.

You can buy a brush with soft hair and long handle, and use this to clean dust from ceiling alone. The brush can be very convenient to remove cobwebs. It can collect and retain fine dirt and dust without smearing this on the surface. It can be very hard to damage the surface of the ceiling when cleaning is done with the use of this brush.

To get rid of ceiling dust, a vacuum cleaner with soft brush tip can also be used. So that you will not scratch the ceiling, the vacuum cleaner’s tip should be kept at a small distance from the surface of the ceiling.

If your ceiling is too dirty, you might want to opt for manual cleaning. It will require a sturdy table or a ladder. The cleaning method you use will depend on the surface of the ceiling.

Emulsion Paint

This is so far the most common type of finishing coat of your office ceiling. The coating will not tolerate wet cleaning. Any water contact with this kind of water-based paint might only cause blotchiness and stains. Thus, dry cleaning will be suitable for this type of ceiling. You can clean small contamination from your ceiling surface using special wipes. Before you use them, make sure you check their impact on paint at an unnoticeable area.

Polystyrene Tiles

Ceilings lined with the polystyrene tiles that have a protective film could be cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge. If a protective film is not present, dry cleaning is best recommended.

Oil Paint

It is much easier to take care of ceilings that are covered with latex or oil paint. You can use an all-purpose detergent for getting rid of contaminants from this kind of ceiling surface. Just dissolve the detergent in water then wipe it on the ceiling with a cloth or sponge soaked in the solution. To avoid leaving any water blotches or stains on the ceiling, wipe it thoroughly using a clean and dry cloth.

Stretch Ceilings

When you clean stretch ceilings, you have to be extra careful to avoid damaging the surface. You can wash these with lukewarm water with the use of specialized detergent.

Commercial cleaning experts like Courtesy Building Services can perform the cleaning job on your behalf to give you quality results without damaging your ceiling.

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