What is the most common stain on your carpet?

If you own a carpet you know that stains are inevitable especially if you have children. Now, most of the stains can be removed easily while others will require the services of professional cleaners like the Courtesy Building Services Inc.

Before you can proceed to hire cleaning services, it is important for you to understand the different stains. This is because not all of the stains can be cleaned using the same procedure.

What is the most common stain? Well this will depend on the environment that you live in. People with pets and children will battle a different form of carpet stain compared to people who have neither.

Pet stain

Pets are adorable but they are also quite messy. They tend to do their ‘business’ anywhere they feel comfortable including your carpet. It can be frustrating but don’t fret there is a solution. To clean your pet stain;

-  Remove the debris from the carpet and blot out the moisture until the carpet is dry.

-  If the stain is already dried up, you can moisten it before applying the pet stain carpet remover.

-  There will be bad odor associated with the pet stain. To clean it off, you need to use vinegar and water to get rid of the smell.

If you don’t have the pet stain carpet cleaner, you can use the stain-fighting detergent to clean the carpet.

Wine stains

If you are a lover of red wine, then you know wine stains are inevitable. So, when you spill the wine on your carpet, the trick is to remove it before it dries out.

-  Blot out the moisture content from the carpet until dry. Apply water on the area and keep on blotting

-  Once you have blotted out the wine, it is time for you to clean the area that has been stained. There are different products that you may use to be able to remove the wine. You can use the carpet stain remover on the carpet. The other option will be for you to use vinegar or salt to clean the surface.

Ink stains

When you have children, you need to be prepared for cleaning the carpet off the ink stains.

-  With a wet cloth, clean off the area with ink. You need to be careful not to scrub the carpet. This is because it is going to make the stain bigger.

-  Alcohol and other alcohol related products can help you in removing the stains easily.

-  You can use different chemicals to remove the stain but be sure to rinse them off using water.

These are just but a few stains that can be cleaned easily. But, if you are experiencing stubborn carpet stains, you may consider the possibility of hiring cleaning services. The Courtesy Building Services Inc. is the best option that you have. They will ensure that your carpet is cleaned professionally. There are also other services that you can take advantage of and affordable prices.

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