Importance of a Spotless Server Room in Your Office

The server room is no doubt the most crucial area in a business, specifically those involved in the IT industry. 

Employees and customers alike depend on the performance of the server room to sustain operations and offer services. 

Thus, any disruption or downtime can easily lead to a big disaster. You have to make sure that you place great emphasis on the server room’s security, safety, and cleanliness more than anything else. 

Debris and dust can affect the hardware installed in the server room. This makes it necessary to keep the server room in pristine condition. 

Below are the top reasons why you have to ensure that the server room of your office is spick and span at all times. 

Improved Performance 

Most data centers operate continuously, with the ventilation of the room working all the time to maintain the optimal temperature of equipment. Dust found in an enclosed space will get drawn to the equipment during the process. 

It can then lead to dust accumulation that can reduce the natural transfer of heat and decrease the performance of the machine. This means that equipment installed in dirty server rooms tend to overheat and breakdown. 

Lower Downtime 

Based on statistics, downtime of data centers costs businesses around $5,600 per minute because of loss of revenue, productivity and repair-related costs. 

When machines need extensive replacement or repairs, this can result in prolonged downtimes and lengthy delays. 

Aside from that, maintaining the cleanliness of your server room can help you enjoy non-tangible benefits like improved brand reputation and increased customer loyalty. 

Longer Lifespan of Equipment 

Accumulation of dust particles will not just reduce equipment’s performance but will also lessen its overall lifespan. Since debris and dust are naturally corrosive, they can disintegrate and corrode internal components specifically circuits after some time. 

This means that cleaning your server room regularly can help you avoid spending on new equipment pieces every now and then. 

Ensure Safety in the Office

One of the scariest nightmares IT companies can ever face is none other than the fire in their data center. While there are not a lot of fire incidents in server rooms reported in the past, it is always a way to follow a practical and prudent approach to ensure your server room’s safety. 

With no proper cleaning schedule, dust can turn statically-charged, possibly causing short circuits. As stated earlier, the buildup of debris and dust can make your equipment overheat, presenting another risk of fire. 

Say Goodbye to Rodents 

You might be surprised but rodents happen to be among the culprits for contamination as far as server room hygiene is concerned. Yahoo’s data center, for example, was offline for days because of damages caused by a mere squirrel/ 

To ensure the safety of equipment in the data room, floors should be regularly cleaned and potential entryways of rats, mice, and rodents must be blocked. 

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