Expect These Spooky Visitors When You Have an Unclean Work space

The world is filled with all sorts of spookiness but did you know that there several spooky visitors which can enter and invade an unclean and messy workspace?

To help you avoid an unwanted visit from these spooky visitors, check out the top three scary things which can easily take over if you have a dirty workspace, together with a few useful tips on how to prevent them.


Even though you cannot see them with your eyes, germs are and will always be spooky. Germs can be found everywhere, not to mention that they can spread all too easily. The worst thing is that germs can cause a widespread illness in your office.

Whether it is the season of flu and cold or not, it is especially important to ensure that germs are kept at bay. The very last thing you would want to happen is to have all members of your team out sick just because something has been passed around in the office.

The simplest way to refrain from the spread of germs is to ensure that you wash your hands all the time. One more way to stop the spread of germs is keeping a clean office space. Use disinfectant sprays or wipes to clean items such as keyboards and door handles which get often touched by dirty and germy hands. This must be done at least once every week.

Mildew and Mold

It is easy for mildew to accumulate around your workspace and while it might seem like just another spooky décor fit for Halloween, this is definitely not safe. Mildew serves as a molding precursor. Mold causes flu-like symptoms and asthma attacks which can make you unproductive and unhealthy.

For quick do-it-yourself fixes, you can use bleach, vinegar, and specialty products for mold removal. For mold prevention, see to it you don’t leave wet or damp items around and make sure there is enough flow of air inside the workspace.

Cleaning the mold earlier will ensure a healthier office space. But, enlisting the services of professional commercial cleaners is the best method to clean and clear away mold and guarantee the safety and health of everyone in the workplace.

Allergens and Dust Mites

Allergens and dust mites tend to build up quickly and easily around a workspace. Pollen and allergen can accumulate on surfaces and lead to a full-force rise of allergies. Dust mites love living in soft areas like pillows, couches, or carpets.

Vacuuming and dusting your office at least once every week can help these scary critters from gathering in your office space and keeping the allergies at bay.

It is not an all-inclusive or extensive list of all the spooky visitors you might have in your work area. Even though the tips shared about handling them are effective and helpful, still, the best way of ensuring a clean, mildew, dust, and the mold-free workplace is by performing a regular commercial cleaning.

With Courtesy Building Services, Inc, you can rest assure that no spooky visitors are going to invade your office.


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