Does Your Facility Have Problems with Concrete Polishing?

Most facilities use concrete and this is why many of them often encounter issues with concrete polishing. 

Concrete floors can bear with heavy foot traffic in a better way compared to other types of floors like vinyl or carpet flooring. In the long run, using concrete will help you save more money as it eliminates the need to replace your floors as often as you need to with carpet and other flooring types. 

But, for your floors to remain to look presentable even after some time, it is a must to work with the best janitorial services Dallas that understand how important it is to properly polish concrete floors. 

Sad to say, some offices with concrete floors encounter problems with inconsistent polishing. Below are the top issues you might deal with when it comes to polishing concrete floors. 

Expensive Floor Maintenance

It is not cheap to maintain your floors on a regular basis, especially if the first visit is unsatisfactory that it requires another visit. Add to this the different rates of different companies and you will find your expenses blowing over your budget. 

Working with only one floor maintenance service to complete the entire polishing on your premises can help streamline the billing and communication process for your company to save money and time. This also gives you the assurance that everything is done right the first time. 

Unique Looks for Unique Locations 

You can find restaurant chains in the same city with different locations. This also applies to grocery stores. When it comes to branding of the business, all these locations need to look alike. 

Usually, the seating, floors, pictures, and walls have similar colors in all locations. A single color scheme is used by the company. If one location has floors that look different from those of other locations, it will stand out in a negative way. Concrete polishing here becomes a branding issue and a cleanliness issue at the same time. 

Varied Results with Varied Products 

When you use different floor maintenance services for different locations to handle concrete polishing, it is safe to assume that they will also be using different products. This company may use high gloss while that one may prefer a matte finish. One concrete polishing location might use a diamond pad and the other uses a sealer system. 

Differences in different materials result in staggering concrete floors. When you are part of a big franchise, the parent company may have an issue with the flooring’s inconsistent look. 

A Solution is Here!

At Courtesy Building Services Inc, you can be sure that you will be getting consistent floor maintenance services that will help ensure that your concrete floors will be in their best condition. The team will visit your locations and assess the condition of the concrete floor in your building. They will then use special tools to identify the density and moisture levels of the floors. This way, they can instantly determine the suitable floor maintenance services that suit your budget and your floors. 

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