Cleaning Office Chairs Made Easy

An office chair is necessary for desk jobs. But, a lot of people often pay very little attention to this very important element. Most attention goes to the desk, the computer, and other accessories, with the office chair completely forgotten and taken for granted. If your office manager hires professional janitorial services Dallas like Courtesy Building Services Inc, you don’t have to worry about anything. Otherwise, you are responsible for keeping the cleanliness of your office chair?

How do you clean an office chair in the first place?  This question doesn’t have a simple answer because office chairs come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. But, they have one thing in common, and that is, they accumulate dust and dirt over time. Aside from dust, other things like accidental spills can also stain your chair. This is why you have to clean your office chair as often as possible.

Spill and Stain Removal on Office Chairs

Every now and then, ink, drink, or food may spill on your chair that leads to stains. These stains require cleaning right away before they dry and become permanent.

For loose debris, use a paper towel to gather the solid stain. Throw the towel in the garbage bin. You may have to do it several times to completely get rid of the solid particles. Take extra care when dealing with chairs made of fabric upholstery. Don’t rub while cleaning because the stain may end up fixed into the fabric, making it more challenging to remove it.

As for liquid stains, you can remove them through blotting them using a wet cloth. You have to deal with these liquid stains immediately to prevent them from setting in and causing a stain. Dampen a clean rag or cloth with water then use this to sponge off as much liquid as possible. Wring the cloth or rag in a standby container or sink. Continue to blot the wet cloth until there is no more stain.

Cleaning Your Office Chair

The cleaning method you will use will depend on the coding of the chair. Office chairs are W-coded or S-coded. This information is found on the chair’s care tag. S-coded means only solvent-based cleaning agents should be used on the chair since water may ruin the upholstery. With W-coded, it means only water-based cleaning agents should be used. Some are S/W or SW-coded which means you can use either kind of solution without causing damages on the upholstery.

There are now different brands of cleaners in the market. Don’t forget to check the instructions on the proper way of using the product. Cleaning solvents are either powdered or liquid. Whatever the type is, see to it you just use a tiny amount every time. Use a damp rag or cloth to wick away the cleaning solvent. Failure to do this can lead to ring formation on the upholstery.

Cleaning your office chair should be done as often as you use it. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself, you can trust Courtesy Building Services Inc to do a great job each and every time.


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