Clean Your Office Carpets Do You Know Their Dirty Little Secrets?

If you are not into the habit of hiring janitorial services to take care of office cleaning, it could be very easy to miss that gradual yet unmistakable accumulation of dirt and dust on the carpets in your office. Perhaps, you only manage to take notice of your carpets when you accidentally spilled your coffee on it and a patch develops that ruins its look.

Dirt, dust and many other things can get trampled in your office carpets, courtesy of the feet of both your employees and clients since removing shoes is something impossible to do here unlike in your home.

Before you know it, these things can all break down your carpet’s fibers. This means that you will need to replace them sooner than needed.

But, did you know that dirt and dust are not the only things that can get stuck in your office carpets? Courtesy Building Services, Inc., reveals some of the many other things that could lurk on these carpets you have.

Mold, Mildew and Germs

Your carpet can serve as the breeding grown to bacteria and pathogens like mildew, mold, salmonella, staphylococcus, E.coli, norovirus and so much more and you would not even know it! Mildew and mold form under your carpet in wet and warm environments and some of them survive better in unclean carpet for over a month!

Drinks and Food

Every time your employees eat at their desks or stations, there is a great chance that there are going to be food particles and odd drinks could even cause stains on your carpet. This will not only look great but it can also lead to accumulation of bacteria, not to mention that your carpet can get smelly.

Skin Flakes

This might surprise you but human beings, including yourself, could shed skin more often than the snakes. An average person can shed as much as 1 million skin flakes on a daily basis. And where do you think all of these can end up? Obviously, they fall to the carpet. Now, isn’t that gross?


Even though you really can’t see them with naked eye, microscopic bugs, dust mites and fleas can all live in your office carpets quite happily and comfortably. In fact, the skin flakes you lose serve as food for dust mites. These bugs are known for being the cause of many allergens so they are the least welcomed guests you could ever have in your working environment.



Piece of Advice from Courtesy Building Services

Of course, regular vacuuming can be of great help to keep all of those things above from accumulating in your carpets. However, this alone might not really be enough. Experts suggest that you get professional office cleaning every 3 to 6 months if you have an office on the ground floor. Those offices on upper floors, on the other hand, should get commercial cleaning services every 6 to 12 months.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. have the expertise and equipment needed to offer professional janitorial services for offices and businesses of all types.


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