Why is it necessary to keep Ceiling Tiles clean?

Because of being distant from the ground and always being out of reach, little attention is offered to ceilings in an office facility unlike floors, furniture, and walls. Not only do unclean, discolored and stained ceiling tiles really disrupt the visuals and upset the aesthetics of any place and but also disturb the quality of environment in any office. Clean ceiling tiles ensure a high quality and healthy air ventilation, last longer without replacement needs, act as sound absorbers and fire-resistant.

The general span for cleaning a typical set of ceiling tiles is around two to five years. It is recommended that they must be cleaned every couple of years. This cleaning is best handled professionally by cleaning services that are known to handle ceiling tile restoration. These maintenance providers must be able to do the following things commercially.

Brushing or vacuuming the tiles

Before giving the tiles a thorough wash, they must first be cleaned and the dirt accumulated on them must be removed and sponged using conventional brushing or vacuuming the tiles. Thanks to gravity so much of that dirt falls down on the floor and scatter over the office. What’s great here is that cleaning up the parts of the space that were contaminated with dust and dirt from the ceiling is considered a part of the deal.

Use cleaners with high-enzyme action

Some of the surroundings like kitchens or refreshments areas can build up smoke and steam that can get stuck with the ceiling and give it grime, stained texture. This buildup requires an enzyme action detergent containing hydrogen peroxide solution to remove it from the tiles and restore it to a better condition. This solution may seem similar to other products you can find in the supermarket but in reality, it’s a very different chemical substance that is only available to licensed cleaners with a professional background. Products like these that are in possession of ceiling tile cleaner professionals are specially formulated for the purpose of cleaning ceiling tiles and protect their finishing.

Cover small marks with appropriate products

If you spot a small stain on the ceiling tiles that are looking unclean and tainted, you don’t have to just go into a frenzy about replacing them, this can be extremely expensive. Painting or trying to cover them up isn’t a solution either because typical wall paint or anything similar can harm the fire ratings of the tiles. Cleaning service providers are equipped and experienced in choosing the best possible remedy for your requirements without jeopardizing the tile’s properties.

Better ventilation systems

Ventilation and air-conditioning vents can sometimes trap particles and cause them to adhere to ceiling tiles. You can hire professionals to conduct an annual inspection of the ducts, replace filters regularly and use the best possible expertise to check your systems for inefficiency.

If you’re also annoyed by looking at stained and dirty ceiling tiles all the time and are frustrated for not being able to do anything about it from down there, immediately call the Courtesy Building Service, Inc. to restore them with decades of expertise and experience in the cleaning services.

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