Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Employees Do Office Cleaning and Hire Professional Cleaners Instead?

Once you run a business, there are numerous things to manage. It might seem like a no-brainer to let your employees pull extra duty as well as be responsible to keep your business tidy. So, why can’t your employees clean up your office and hire professionals for your office cleaning needs instead?

There are numerous reasons why you should not oblige your employees to do office cleaning after work and these include:

  • Employees Cleaning Doesn’t Save You Money – While it might seem like you are saving money through having your workers clean your business, it is actually costing you more. Since the employees are not used to this kind of work, they cannot work at the speed of a professional office cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. Aside from that, your employees might not be covered under the company insurance once they damage a tool or hurt someone while doing the cleaning that’s outside their regular duties and responsibilities. Lawsuits on workers compensation may add up quickly, so why would you take the risk?

  • Home Cleaning Isn’t the Same with Commercial Cleaning – All your employees have experienced cleaning their own houses. Yet, that doesn’t translate to cleaning the commercial spaces. There are some people in a home than in offices and added customers and employees mean more germs and dirt. In addition to that, the kinds of equipment required and cleaning products needed differ greatly from the house setting. The bottom line is to know how to clean your home doesn’t mean you’re qualified to clean offices.

  • Commercial Equipment and Products Require Training – Although your employees are trying their very best to clean your business, they are behind the 8-ball naturally. The reason behind it is that using commercial and industrial grade products and tools requires special training. You would’ve spent money and time not only training your workers at the start but also educating them on the new technology and techniques in the long run. It is also safer for them and your business to hire somebody who can handle these items properly from the start.

  • No Skills in Terms of Deep Cleaning – It is highly unlikely that your employees, though they are tidy, are knowledgeable on how to descale bathrooms, get rid of embedded carpet stains, and work with the VCT or vinyl composition tile. While they could be aces in straightening some things up, there’s a lot of detailed deep cleaning, which should be done on a regular basis in a professional setting.

Overall, you will have more to manage at higher costs and with a lesser degree of success if you are asking your employees to complete the work of what office cleaners should do. It is always worth it to invest in office cleaning services of companies like Courtesy Building Services. With this, your company can save money, time, and avoid headaches. Other than that, your employees will be glad about how you keep the cleanliness in your company professionally.


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