What Should You Know about a Day Porter Service?

A day porter is often the unseen hero of a facility. These individuals clean and help support the facility’s image and ensure that tenants, employees, and customers are satisfied. 

Day porters can give you a facility manager with invaluable service as they keep your facility in good condition through helping you tick off the items that may overwhelm your list quickly. Day porter also functions as a daytime cleaning service with various benefits. Day porters will provide services that will keep your building run smoothly including the following:

  • Meeting set up or tear down

  • Restroom restocking

  • Removing debris and trash

  • Servicing and monitoring restrooms

  • Cleaning the common areas including patios, cafeterias, and kitchens

  • Lobby maintenance

The exact duties of day porters would depend on the requirements of particular facility maintenance as well as your preferences. Generally, day porters are given with a list of tasks to do and a schedule on when to do the tasks. 

When compared to a night time cleaning crew, day porters work during daytime among you and your workers. Since day porters are charged with helping the facility operate smoothly, they may help on different tasks. Maybe it’s setting up last minute for an unplanned meeting, running packages upstairs or pitching in to help the employees move offices, day porters will be there to help you always.

Get What You Really Need with the Help of Day Porter Service

To get the best most from a day porter service, you have to know what type of daytime help is useful to you, your employees or facility. Some successful day porters are the ones who made real value for clients through going beyond the usual touch up of restrooms and keep the front door clean and smudge-free.

With the business environment today, most businesses operate on thin budgets and day porter service may just be the thing that will fill in the gaps and lend extra sets of hands to keep your business on track.

Work with a Day Porter Service to Establish Schedules of Duties

Once you already have a clue of what type of help is most useful in the facility, you must sit down with your chosen commercial cleaning company to have a job description and schedule the duties of a day porter service. Knowing what’s expected will surely help your service provider find the best person for your needs. 

Working with the best janitorial service provider will help you flesh out what you require from day porter. You are knowledgeable of your facility and your chosen service provider has worked well for some facilities. With this, you can be assured that you will be able to keep everybody on track and help assess the success of a day porter service. 

Day porters may be a wonderful addition to facility services and would keep your building in great condition and running smoothly 24/7. If you need a day porter service for your facility, you can rely on Courtesy Building Services, Inc and make sure to give them a call as soon as possible!

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