Top Ways to Check if Janitorial Services Dallas Cut Corners

It is extremely vital for every business to have a clean building. A clean establishment is often one that is safe and healthy at the same time. Reliable janitorial services Dallas will always ensure that every nook and corner is thoroughly clean.

However, the main question is, how will you know if office cleaning services are truly cleaning top to bottom without cutting any corners?

Below are some five tips that can help you check if your janitorial service is doing a thorough job or is only cleaning the things that meet the eye.

Inspect the Lights

Lights are among the most taken for granted and forgotten spots. They also happen to quickly accumulate lots of dust. Checking the light coverings for dust and cobwebs will definitely shed some light on how your cleaning situation is. Extended dusters must be a part of the arsenal of all janitorial services.

Look Up High

If your office cleaning company isn’t doing a good job, there is a chance that they leave untouched those areas that are out of your sight. Check the ceiling fans, corners, vents, and other similar spots for signs of dust. The best janitorial services Dallas will always go above and beyond in taking your office to a whole new level.


Check the entry door for fingerprints, dust, and smears. When your janitorial services company doesn’t hit this crucial area, it is very likely that they also miss some other areas.

Look Down Low

Dark corners, floor vents, and baseboards are easy areas to skip over when trying to finish the job fast. See to it that your Dallas janitorial company gets in the crevices even if these are out of the way.

Are You Sensing Complacency?

There are times that long-term vendors may start getting complacent with their service and would forget that each day they go to their building, they’re representing your business. It’s a huge mistake for commercial cleaning companies to let this happen. Each day your building has some first-time visitors who need to see the best from your business and starts with a well-maintained and clean facility. If you think your chosen cleaning company might be relying on their contract instead of their reliable service, you might want to choose another from your options.

You can use those tips above as you walk around your building to check how your hired janitorial services are doing. If you don’t want to waste your time and money on an irresponsible and inefficient janitorial company, you might want to consider Courtesy Building Services, Inc. It is a company who knows how to reduce costs and improve efficiencies through providing only the best office cleaning services that you and your business deserve. The only thing you should do is to call or send them a message for more information. You can choose various options for your preferred cleaning services for your office or company. Depending on your needs, always ask for assistance.


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