Top 5 Expectations of Your Cleaning Service

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, you have to remember that not all cleaning companies are established equal. Clients have high expectations in terms of their relationship with their office cleaning service as well as cleanliness. Whether it is your first time to avail cleaning services or you want to try with another cleaning service provider, here are the top 5 you should expect:

  • Quality Cleaning Tools and Equipment

A good cleaning service provider like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. knows the importance of providing topnotch quality cleaning services. For this reason, they always see to it that they only use quality made cleaning tools and equipment that are guaranteed to make cleaning much efficient and effective that will provide your place exceptional cleanliness.

  • Value

If you are disappointed with your current janitorial services, it is a good idea to revisit your contract with them and their schedule. If you do not have one in writing, hash one out or look for a better cleaning service. A good cleaning service will provide you a complete report about how often they clean your place, how much services cost, and much more. With this, you can be assured that you will get the most of your investment.

  • Bonded and Licensed

A lot of cleaning service providers do not want to deal with the damages that could result from the negligence of the workers at your placer. Maids may fall or slip, which could cause damage to your property through breaking or dropping something. In these scenarios, unless the professional cleaners are insured, you might end up in big losses as you need to compensate the damages. Fortunately, with Courtesy Building Services as your provider of your needed cleaning services, you don’t need to worry about anything as they are bonded and licensed.

  • Professionalism

You must expect your cleaning team to arrive in a timely manner. Take note, you hired a cleaning service provider to help you save your time and allocate your precious hours to other things that you do at your office.

  • Types of Services

Even if the variety of cleaning services may vary from one company to another, there are actually 2 basic services that you should be aware of and these include deep cleaning and standard or regular cleaning. Tons of companies suggest deep cleaning services for first timers. It is also a good option when planning to host a special event at your office. Deep cleaning, as its name implies, thoroughly cleans your home.

If you have already considered deep cleaning before and you want a cleaning service that will maintain the cleanliness of your place, then better try the standard cleaning services, which could include dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and so on.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. is one of the leading providers of high quality cleaning services. Known for its exceptional team of professional cleaners, expect that you will get nothing but the highest possible level of satisfaction, regardless of your cleaning needs.


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