Things to do before calling professional carpet cleaning

Good carpets are very costly. It’s so necessary to clean them regularly so that their durability increases and you don’t have to spend money buying them again and again. Keeping them in a decent condition comes in quite useful because they help improve the outlook of the room and also provides comfort and coziness during the cold winter days. 

Dirt and dust can trickle under the carpet and can completely ruin its look. If you have planned to hire professional carpet cleaning services, then be sure to optimize the whole process by preparing the house prior to the cleaning so it goes smoothly.

Vacuum clean the floors.

Yes, the professional cleaners will do a great job in cleaning your carpets but it’s advisable that you do a prior cleanup using a vacuum by removing pet hairs and dust on the surface on your own. You can ask your janitorial or cleaning service to do a little revamp around the office. This will make the carpet cleaning professionals spend more time removing dirt underneath the carpet.

Check for areas that need more cleaning.

Noting down areas that need more thorough attention can help clean them up more effectively and make the cleaners focus on them in a better way.

Move the furniture around a little.

Remove any pieces of valuables or furniture lying on or around the carpet and temporarily move them to a different part of the house or office. Any delicate decorating pieces or items lying around the carpet can get damaged easily and it is your duty to put them away so that when the cleaning team arrives, it doesn’t have to do the extra work of moving things around and potentially damaging the goods in a hurry. 

Provide an Area for Parking

Professional carpet cleaners bring their own equipment along in a vehicle and require parking space to take those machines and cleaning products out safely. Make arrangements for their parking in ample time.

Post Cleaning Instructions

You should ask your day porter at the office or the janitorial services to vacuum the office carpets daily at a suitable time when no one gets disturbed. People at home should also vacuum their carpets on a daily basis to get rid of the dirt and increase the carpet’s longevity. Not cleaning the carpets will contaminate the fibers of the carpet and damage it permanently. In case of a spill, immediately call your day porter to clean the spot and dry it up and later call your janitorial services to clean the stain effectively. After a cleanup, use ceiling fans and windows to dry up the carpets otherwise a pungent smell may develop in it. Before they are completely dried up, try to keep the displaced furniture away.

You should always follow the above procedure as standard practice before you ever call a carpet cleaning service. Courtesy Building Services Inc. can provide you professional carpet cleaners who deliver a cleanup that will last long. They will always do their best to deliver results as per your expectations.

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