These Five Best Kept Secret Ingredients Will Help You Save Money in Commercial and Office Cleaning

Although stores will likely try to sell you tons of cleaners, the truth is that you don’t really need some or even all of them. Using just five simple ingredients, it is possible for you to clean your office and commercial property in no time at all.

Being a trusted commercial cleaning company, Courtesy Building Services knows all too well that there are five different actions involved in most cleaning jobs:

  1. Remove dirt and dust

  2. Rub away and dissolve the buildup

  3. Get rid of the dissolving solutions

  4. Dry, polish, or shine

  5. Prevent soiling in the future

Green Ingredients for Effective Office and Commercial Cleaning

Office and commercial cleaning using household items are now a very in-demand green trend all over the world. Good thing that there are five main ingredients that you can use to cleanse various surfaces around your office or commercial property. These are none other than table salt, white distilled vinegar, dish detergent, baking soda, and water.

  • Table Salt – Table salt has been proven to be a very effective and efficient abrasion agent. Since this is soft, this will not just avoid scratching on the surfaces but can also help get rid of tough substances that already caked on the surface.

  • White distilled vinegar – See to it that you use white distilled vinegar for your cleaning needs as it is non-toxic and economical. Since vinegar is acidic by nature, it can dissolve most substances. This can also kill germs and bacteria. Don’t shy away from using vinegar just because of its odor. The smell will wear off after several minutes.

  • Dish detergent – Soap can be used for breaking water’s surface tension and allowing it to get closer to stains.

  • Baking soda – Another great scouring agent is baking soda which is the exact opposite of vinegar. You can use this for cleaning stains that you cannot remove with vinegar.

  • Water – Considered as the world’s best dissolvent is none other than soft water. After some time, this can change or dissolve almost anything. This is also the best cleaning agent. Make sure you use distilled or soft water to rinse things.

You are free to combine the ingredients mentioned above in several ways to come up with a good assortment of non-toxic and safe formulas to help you with office cleaning.

Other Tools Require for Efficient Cleaning

Other common items you will want to include in your office and commercial cleaning kit include the following:

  • Bowl needed for mixing

  • Rubber gloves to be used in heavy cleaning

  • Spray bottles for holding spray solutions

  • Soft towels to dry things

  • Old toothbrushes useful for scrubbing

  • Soft cloths to polish surfaces

  • Dryer static sheets to make baseboards anti-static

While it is natural for a commercial cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services to take care of those regular heavy-duty cleaning jobs, it is always advisable to have these natural and green cleaning items available to use in between scheduled cleanings or to tackle accidental spills.


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