The Most Unhygienic Habits in the Workplace

Many of you are surely aware of all the potential risks often associated with a dirty and messy workplace. However, are you even familiar as to how these germs manage to travel around and compromise your business?

A new study has revealed that a large number of workers wished that their workplace was cleaner and much more hygienic, and only a few workers rate their workplaces as very hygienic.

But, even with this data, and albeit a bit surprising, is that only 16 percent of employers offer education and training about workplace hygiene.

Although workplaces must try to adhere to meet high cleaning standards through hiring an expert commercial cleaning company like Courtesy Building Services, it will also be beneficial to educate employees regarding hygiene.

More than one out of 10 workers felt as if their health was compromised due to poor standards of hygiene. In addition, these workers were also forced into taking sick days that then affect the business’s daily operations, as well as its bottom line.

  • 1/3 suffered from diarrhea

  • 15 percent suffered from food poisoning

  • 1 out of 1 contracted some types of skin condition in the workplace

The seriousness of this problem doesn’t simply stop there as almost half of the population of workers affected by illnesses related to poor hygiene transferred it to their friends and families.

Having said this, what is considered as the worst and most unacceptable hygiene habits, then? The study has delved much deeper to find out a few of the worst cases of poor hygiene. About 2/3 of women wish to have a cleaner workplace while half of the men feel the same. Women also tend to be more hands-on as far as tackling hygiene is concerned, with 61 percent taking part in some sort of cleaning in the workplace.

It seems that women have the tendency to care more about workplace hygiene that they even felt compelled to switch jobs in the event that their workplace’s hygiene is not up to their standards, while only 5 percent of men are going to do the same.

However, what is most disturbing was that around half of workers suffered from sickness or illness as the result of the bad hygiene habits of their colleagues.

Some of the most unhygienic habits in the workplace include the following:

  • Leaving the dirty dishes in and around communal areas

  • Sneezing with no tissue used

  • Not washing hands after every use of the bathroom

  • Cluttered desks filled with rubbish

  • Not flushing the toilet

  • Eating at the desks

  • Not emptying the full trash cans

  • Biting nails

  • Improper disposal of sanitary protection items

Are your workers doing some of these poor hygiene related habits? Does your workplace lack the tic it requires to keep harmful bacteria at bay? Can your office afford for workers to be sick and take some time off from work? If not, then, make sure you hire Courtesy Building Services that can handle all your cleaning needs.


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