Reduce the Dust and Keep It to a Minimum with These Tips

Reducing the amount of dust in your commercial and office space is one of the most critical factors when it comes to maintaining your respiratory health. Hiring expert cleaning services in Dallas is the best way to help keep the amount of dust to a minimum and under proper control.

But, there are actually some tips you may want to follow so that you can effectively reduce dust around your office and commercial space. Below are the things you can do that can help lessen the accumulation of fine and dust particulates:

Upgrade and Clean Air Filters

If your building or office uses a central air system for heating and cooling, make sure that you change its filters on a frequent basis or once to thrice a year as this can help put dust under control. Filters tend to focus on bigger particles. If you wish to capture the smaller particles aside from the larger ones, you can use a pleated fabric or paper filter.

Air Purification System

Purifiers can trap dust particles exclusively in the specific room they occupy. Following a multi-room air purifier approach requires one unit for every room. It may be a bit expensive but if you are concerned about allergies, this investment is a worthy one. 


It is highly recommended that you vacuum at least two times a week to lessen dust around your business or office. See to it that this is equipped with a particulate air filter of high efficiency to ensure that it will focus on dust and not on thumbtacks, paper clips, and other items. Make sure that you also change the filter on a constant basis. Failure to do so will only make the dust return to air before you know it. 


This is the old but tested method to reduce the amount of dust in your space. You can get rid of the dust on your own or you can get outside help from janitorial services Dallas so they can schedule a regular dusting as needed. 


Put the broom and dustpan to good use every several days at least on floors that don’t get vacuum treatment. Pay attention to places with heavy traffic like halls, doorways, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

Microfiber Cloths 

Such items have been designed to trap dust effectively. You can use these cloths on pretty much all types of surfaces in your office or business. Once used, you can wash thee clothes and use them again. Avoid using a fabric softener or dryer sheet during the process as these can eliminate the product’s ability to trap dust. 


After you sweep, mopping can help remove the dust that you missed together with the loose and accumulated grime and particulates. 

Beat Cushions and Rugs 

Do it once every month. This should be done outside. You can use the broom or something similar until you don’t see any particles leaving them.

Clear Clutter

Free your office of any unimportant accumulations of books, magazines, and other knick-knacks. These items will only gather dust. 

Courtesy Building Services Inc will make sure that no speck of dust will be left around your office or business space. 

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