Prevent Germs from Spreading with These New Technologies

Everyone fights with germs on a daily basis. Whether you are dining in a restaurant, shopping at the grocery, working on your office desk, or even if you are at home, you deal with germs. 

Sadly, it seems that germs are out to make you sick no matter how you fight them. Good thing that business owner can now choose from different new technologies to help them combat the spread of germs for clients and employees to stay healthy during flu and cold season. 

Prevent Spread of Germs with Metals 

Silver and copper are age-old methods for germ spread prevention and to this day, these are still used to stall the problem. Specifically, hospitals use silver and copper through passive cleaning

High touch surfaces like handles to doors and equipment can be manufactured with a relatively high amount of copper in them. It makes the handles more MRSA resistant. But, copper might not be that effective against other prevalent conditions. Good thing that silver can help combat infection strain.

Copper and silver alike stood the test as they continue helping stop germs from spreading. However, there are newer cleaning methods developed to help sterilize dental and medical offices, hospitals, and other public areas. 

Germ-Zapping Robots

Robots that use UV light for disinfecting areas are among the best technological advances in preventing the spread of germs. These are mobile robots that eliminate the need for places to have individual ones. These robots can scan rooms where they are placed. Floor plans can also be uploaded to the robot. 

After turning it on, a device will emerge from the robot then a high-intensity UV light will destroy any mold, viruses, or bacteria on room surfaces. The light will penetrate the cell walls of microorganism and fuse their DNA to ensure that they won’t reproduce and will be killed right away. 

Solar Steam Machine

For the past few years, the cleaning industry has looked into different environment-friendly and efficient methods of sanitation. New technologies are developed constantly to use lesser energy and chemicals to achieve the same effect of sterilization. 

A solar steam machine was recently presented in Indianapolis with the goal of finding a way for producing steam hot enough to be used for sterilization of dental and medical instruments. They created the solar steam machine produces steam at 239-270 degrees F with the use of solar power. The temperatures are maintained long enough to completely sterilize the dental and medical instruments put inside. 

Although the technology was meant for countries with limited electricity, its application for dental and medical practices is more eco-friendly while following the cleaning standards. 

Courtesy Building Services Inc prides itself in the use of the best of the best technologies to serve the entire Dallas area. The company offers complete commercial cleaning service to ensure that offices and other commercial premises will always be free from germs and prevent the spread of diseases. Contact their customer service team to help you maintain the cleanliness of your business and offer a healthy environment to your customers and employees. 

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