Prep Your Office for Autumn – Here’s Your Official Janitorial Checklist for This Season

The wonderful season of autumn is here again!

Despite the beauty of this time of the year, as mornings become fresher and leaves turn into amazing colors, everyone knows that this also marks the arrival of falling temperatures and darker evenings. The weather during this season, even at the best of times, can be quite unpredictable.

This is the reason why it is also the perfect time for you to give a thought to office cleaning and maintenance. There is no way that you can tell what lurks around the corner so it could very well be your last chance before the weather finally closes in.

With the help of expert janitorial services like Courtesy Building Services, Inc., make sure that you complete everything in the following checklist:

ü  Take some time to ensure that your windows are kept clean when autumn comes. Make sure that you also give them a good scrub before the weather gets extremely cold. Trying to get your windows clean in the dead of the winter is definitely not a good idea. If possible, it would be wiser to hire professional commercial cleaning services that can give your windows a thorough clean to make them see through the cold winter season.

ü  In case you haven’t put them in place yet, now might be the best time for you to get draft excluders and weather strips. It is a very simple task and will not take that long. However, once you’re done, you can look forward to saving a fortune on your next heating bill.

ü  As leaves fall and with all those unknown things blowing everywhere, it would also be a great idea to ensure that your vents and gutters are cleared from all forms of debris. It is also another job which can get worse if not impossible once it gets freezing cold.

ü  Your heating system will also require a thorough and complete check over after one summer season of not being in use. It means that you will have to hire professionals to service your system. This is something that you must never ignore because in case the heating system breaks down all of a sudden, your entire office will suffer as it can get too cold inside that could make it impossible for your staff to work.

ü  Finally, look for good quality external and internal mats for the entranceway of your office and other exits. It will not be long before your employees and visitors alike will traipse in their winter boots, making them bring with them all kinds of debris and dirt. Surely, you wouldn’t want your office floor to become a major slip hazard.

With these five additions to your office cleaning and maintenance checklist this autumn, you can ensure that your whole workplace will be winter ready and cozy. Your staff and your clients will both thank you for this.

If you will need further advice and help on how to prepare your office for the coming cold weather, or you need commercial cleaning services, Courtesy Building Services, Inc. could be your best choice.

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