Plan Your Christmas Commercial Cleaning Services Needs – It’s Better to Start Early Than Be Sorry Later

You are done with the planning and booking of your office Christmas party. Your holidays have been laid out and arranged as well, and everyone is looking forward to their much deserved break. But, have you ever thought about 2018?

As most offices will be closed down or at least work with just a few members of the staff during the holidays, now is the best time to do some of those tasks that are often too complicated to arrange during the rest of the year.

Many offices tend to become oblivious to some spots which require extra special attention just so they can get back up to scratch. If you happen to be in charge of commercial cleaning and management of your office premises, take some time to walk around the area and perform an audit. You will notice some areas outside the usual office cleaning schedule which can use some TLC.

What are the things should you look for? Courtesy Building Services shares a quick guide to follow during your office tour:

Hard Floors

There is always a limit to mopping, and if you fail to have a daily clean, there will be a buildup that will happen. If your office floors are tiled, machine scrubbing and extraction is the most ideal treatment. On the other hand, sealed vinyl floors must be inspected first before they get cleaned. If they don’t look good anymore, there might be a need for stripping and resealing.


There are things in the office that are seen by the naked eye, but some will not be visible at all. Coffee stains and soiled carpets as the result of foot traffic are both inevitable. Even through your office cleaning service conducts regular vacuuming, it is a must to remove dirt, dust, and other particles deep in the pile not only to increase the lifespan of your carpet but also to improve indoor air quality. It must be included in the service list if your carpets haven’t gotten any deep cleaning for the past year.


It can get quite obvious when external glass windows get dirty. Thanks to the availability of specialized window cleaning equipment, gone are the days when expensive work platforms are required to get your office windows cleaned. The dirt might not be too obvious in glass indoors but if you check at the partition glass on an angle up toward the light, you can determine if the glass requires cleaning. After some time, you will get the cloudy film buildup that can be obvious.

Courtesy Building Services will not only check the above areas, but will also look at the following things during the audit:

  • Air Conditioning inlets/outlets – check for buildup and dust

  • Ceiling tiles – usual buildup of dust and dirt

  • Wallmarks – general wear and tear and scuff marks due to furniture pieces

  • Inside kitchen cupboards – cockroaches and other vermin love crumbs which can build up after some time

  • Venetian blinds – these are dust magnets since they are electrostatic

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