Office Cleaning – Know the Dirtiest Things in Your Office


Keeping your office clean is a real struggle. A lot of people have intentions in terms of cleaning the office, particularly after it has been cleaned by the professionals. However, after a while, others would fall into bad habits and before you know it, trash bins are already overflowing and there are half-eaten bananas on the desk and don’t even dare going to the bathroom.


Below are some of the items that are considered to be dirtiest in an office area. These items could shock you, yet it would be wise to hire professionals like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. to clean your office as soon as possible.


Work Desk


Yes, it’s right that your entire work desk is one of the dirtiest things in your office. On average, there are bacteria on a work desk, which is more than there is in your toilet seat. Millions of germs are estimated to be on an average work desk so ensure to give it a good clean on a regular basis and never leave old drinks and food hanging around.


Office Microwave


Do you clean your microwave in your office? Most of you would answer no and if you will ask around the office, most people would also say no. With vegetables and meat spilled all over, an office microwave is he superheated bacteria hotbed.


Soap Dispenser


This item is a bit gross, yet there’s a reason why numerous places have automatic soap dispensers. The kind that you need to pump with your hand is definitely the most disgusting thing in your bathroom. The reason behind it is that people touch it before washing their hands often so they have fecal particles and some types of nastiness on them.


Mouse and Keyboard


Such are part of your work desk, yet if there’s a clear winner for what’s the dirtiest on your desk, it would be your computer. The reason behind it is that you spend hours daily using your computer and you don’t often clean it. Your mouse and keyboard also contain more bacteria than your toilet seats.


Copy Machine


If people aren’t cleaning their computers, there’s a big possibility that they are not also cleaning the copier. Office copiers are used by everybody so lots of people are touching the touch pad daily so it’s full of germs. The entire unit has people clawing over it so this just means that there are bacteria on your copy machine.


Office Fridge


Like with microwave, not all people consider cleaning their fridge in the office. Since it is full of leftover drink and food, it has more bacteria than the microwave. This has horrible bacteria buildup that could make people sick and could make the place stinky. According to a study, an average fridge in a workplace has thousands of bacteria colonies that form units per square centimeter.


Now that you are aware of the dirtiest things in your office, it is the best time to hire the expertise of commercial office cleaners like Courtesy Building Services.


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