Motivate Your Staff to Clean Their Own Space with These Helpful Tips

There are times that in the rush of some things, people might leave their workspace unorganized, thinking that they’ll clean it when they have extra time, yet what happens once they do not keep their space clean and organized?

There are tons of reasons why people must keep their workspace organized and clean. One of these is work efficiency. Once their personal space is clogged with the discarded sheets of paper, the dry pens, and food leftovers, they’ll need to weave through all that to start working, which reduces in small amount the time spent working, which in the end might become more apparent.

It might be okay to bring several personal stuff to add positive and familiar mood to the workplace, yet it must be done in a way that will not compromise the work that should be done. The simplest way to keep your staff from clogging their space with the objects that could distract them from work is adding rules.

Consider Having a Cleanup Day

Having your own cleanup day in your office is the first step towards cleaner personal space and may even improve the teamwork of your staff. If they are working together, they could feel way motivated than being asked to clean their personal space.

Add Several Rules

Having some sets of rules is another way and an important step to keep the cleanliness in your workspace. These sets of rules would make everybody aware that having clean personal space is something essential and several basic rules could be:

  • Put any items back to where it actually belongs after you are done using it.

  • Never clog your workplace with the post-it notes from the completed works previously.

  • Put all things discarded in the garbage.

  • Leave your own space free from food debris and stains.

  • Never leave leftover foods in your workplace.

Just ensure not to sound totalitarian and give the staff enough space to bring personal things to lighten up their own personal space.

Consider Adding Extra Incentives

It might sound simple, but it really is. Having some incentives in plain sight would motivate your staff to keep their workspace clean. Isn’t that tough to look for scientific research stating that organized personal place enhances the mood as well as work efficiency of each and everyone?

Work Together

Having your own personal space clean is actually a sign of the best workspace. People would feel much happier to share their workplace when some are following rules, which will help them improve their work efficiency while leaving these with some rooms to add personal things to make their stay at work much comfortable. Take note that having a comfortable and happy staff is a great way to keep them more productive and motivated.

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