Light Fixture Cleaning – The Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

Light fixture cleaning ensures that your bulbs will put out the amount of the lumens that they must and enables you to keep the ambiance bright. Built-up grime and dust could make bulbs appear up to 30% dimmer and if covers or shades are dirty, this can also reduce the amount of life.

 When cleaning light fixtures, there are some dos and don’ts you must remember and these include the following:

  • You Must Be Prepared Before You Begin Cleaning

Light fixture cleaning may take some time and you need to prepare the proper tools to use. Cleaning all your fixtures will require you to have everything handy for quicker cleaning.

When cleaning lights, you would want to ensure that you turned off the power for your light fixtures to avoid risks of shock. See to it that you position the ladder on a flat surface to avoid tipping. This will also help you move it easily when trying to reach other light fixtures. 

Some of the things you will need may include towels, warm water, detergents, plain water, soft cloth, and a portable vacuum. 

  • Know the Right Type of Fixture

There are various kinds of fixtures in the market and each of these requires different care. For the chandelier, you have to remove first the bulbs and wipe them using a soft cloth. Once you are done wiping, you can reassemble the pieces of your chandeliers.

  • Clean Bulbs to Achieve Brighter Lights

You may effectively and safely clean all the types of the bulb with the use of soft and dry cloth. See to it that you do not scrub too hard for you to avoid shattering. If the bulbs are dirty, you can consider replacing them. When cleaning bulbs, never apply force to tight bulbs. But rather, cut a section of duct tape, make this to a loop and apply that to the bulb so there’s a handle on every side for you to twist it easier.

  • Make Your Finishes Shine a Bit Brighter

A light fixture has various finishes and there are lots of home remedies you can use to keep them clean. While the majority of these can be cleaned using a damp cloth, you may keep the painted bases and brass looking good with mild soap and a clean cloth. Wipe bases that are made of brass or metal with a damp cloth. Wood and metal bases can benefit from a quick polish with lemon oil for an additional luster.

  • You Shouldn’t Be in a Hurry

Safe and proper cleaning of the bulbs and light in your house is not something you could rush through. Give yourself some time to clean everything safely and thoroughly so you may enjoy the beauty as well as avoid any possible accidents.

Call Courtesy Building Services Inc to Keep Your House Bright!

Professional light fixture cleaning can enhance any room and you will be able to use your light fixtures longer. Although you can clean your light fixtures on your own, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy from letting the experts like Courtesy Building Services Inc do the job for you.

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