Know the Things That Are Dirtier Than Your Company’s Toilet

Every day, most of you head into your office without the knowledge of how many germs you’re exposed to. A workplace is among the dirtiest place you live in yet you spend 8 hours daily. You know that the toilet and door handle of the bathroom is definitely micro-community. But, did you know that there are other things or places that are dirtier than a toilet? Some of them include:

  • Desk

In a recent study, it was shown that desks carry most bacteria and germs in comparison to toilet seats. When compared to some surveys carried out by the sanitation agencies, it’s revealed that usual desk items might be around 7 times more contaminated than toilet seats that get more cleaning. Therefore, if you’re sharing a desk or any desk equipment, you’ll have more chances to get infected by some people’s germs simply because you can’t force someone to be hygienic. Once you chew pens, think the dirt you’re pushing down your throat. Through this, you’ll save yourself from frequent stomach upset that you could avoid.

  • Elevator Buttons

During these days, a lot of people opt for elevators rather than climbing stairs. But, regardless of how much elevators seem quick, they will expose you to bacteria and germs. For example, have you thought of the number of fingers that touched the elevator buttons throughout the day? What about that up and down buttons? Some may have coughed or sneezed before pressing elevator buttons. With that in mind, wherever you go, consider washing your hands.

  • Coffee Pots

Your favorite morning cup you rely on at your workplace might harbor lots of bacteria. Many researchers carried out a study about coffee pots and they found out that the handles of coffee pots have 34 more germs than any toilet seat. The high percentage of dirt was gram-negative rods, which is a kind of bacteria that could resist antibiotics.

  • Telephones or Smartphones

It’s obvious that smartphones or telephones contain many germs. It’s brought about by some factor. When you spit as you talk over the phone, the bacteria is transferred to the mouthpiece. So, imagine how many people share telephones in the workplace. Also, your hands might not be that clean, but many use telephones at your office. You should also remember that nobody cleans phones. So, for safety purposes, try wiping down the handles of the telephones or you can also ask for help from the professionals to avoid bacteria contraction.

  • Keyboards

Numerous individuals use keyboards for everyday operations. If you have touched desktop surfaces, doorknobs or coffee pot handles that might be holding bacteria, it only means that you’re transferring them as type out official documents or replying to emails. If that’s not enough, some people eat at their desks and could drop some crumbs on your keyboard. Those crumbs can be a great breeding ground for bacteria and germs as they attract them with sugars they contain.

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