Know What’s the Truth about Your Janitorial Company’s Closet

You hired a janitorial company to avoid dealing with micromanaging your facility’s cleaning needs. The goal is to make everything run effectively and smoothly so you can focus your energy on other things. For you to be hands-off with your janitorial company, they must be attentive, professional, and experienced to all the details small and big that go into providing effective and exceptional office cleaning and janitorial services. The janitorial closet can be a good barometer of the quality level your chosen cleaning company is offering. Is their cleaning closet orderly and neat? Is it a complete mess?

Judge Your Preferred Janitorial Company by Their Closet’s Condition

Your chosen janitorial company is aware that you could go check their cleaning storage closet anytime. In this case, if it’s left messy or unkempt always, it means that they think that you do not check and won’t likely treat your building the same way they care for their building. Aside from that, there are particular compliance regulations and codes about the storage of different cleaning supplies that if are not allowed could put you and your workplace at risk. Also, it is important to note that a pattern of shortcuts and sloppiness will lead to poor quality cleaning service.

Good Janitorial Companies Follow the Best Practices in the Industry

A good janitorial company follows the best practices in the industry. If your hired company doesn’t follow any particular practices, you might want to run away and find a better one. Some of the best practices that good janitorial companies do are as follows:

In terms of dealing with cross-contamination, there’s a common sense and cost-effective method that your cleaning company must be using color-coordinated rags system. It uses cloths, towels, and rags of varying color for particular areas to eliminate or reduce cross-contamination and get healthier and cleaner work environment. For instance, in office cleaning, the rags were used for cleaning restrooms must not be used for cleaning the desk. Through color-coding rags that may be used in restrooms and the ones that can be used on desks, you’re never at risk for such problems. It is just a simple system that anybody may follow. If your cleaning service is not using this coding system, it isn’t doing their part to avoid the possible health risks in your office.

Avoid Janitorial Companies with Dirty Cleaning Closet

It is a major red flag once you see a janitorial company with dirty cleaning closets. You cannot use the state of janitorial closets as a sole gauge of the quality of service and cleaning that you’re getting. But, it can be a red flag that indicates bigger problems. Once you work with Courtesy Building Services Inc, it will never be your problem. They always organize their cleaning tools and equipment properly. Also, they always train their staff to follow the best practices in the janitorial industry to provide nothing but great results.


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