Keep Your Office Building Pest-Free with These Tips

While most pests stay dormant during the cold days of winter, you can almost expect them to come back with a fierce vengeance once warm weather kicks in. Good facility managers work with licensed pest control companies to guarantee that the premises remain a healthy and safe working environment. 

Courtesy Building Services Inc lists down some effective pest control tips you can try to help you keep these unwanted visitors at bay. 

1st Tip - Watch Out for Signs of Pest Problems 

Even if you follow all the necessary precautions around your office building, there will always be a chance that you will encounter issues with pest control. This is why the first tip for proper pest control is to know the early warning signs of rodent or bug infestation. Being familiar with these signs can help you emerge victorious in your battle against pests around office premises. 

Some of these signs include the following:

  • Webs on ceiling lights or in corners

  • Exoskeleton sheddings or dead bugs in corners

  • Droppings on floors or walls

  • Rustling or scratching noises in ceilings or walls 

2nd Tip – Identify Pest Locations 

Pests are the last things you want to see in entryways to your office building or even in the conference room and front desk. For these areas to stay clean, it is a must to identify where bugs enter and where they often gather together. 

Check out the most common areas where you can find these unwelcome pests:

  • Trash receptacles and dumpsters should be kept at a safe distance away from entrances. The smell of decaying trash can attract pests and turn them into their breeding areas. If possible, it would be wiser to keep these behind a fence. 

  • Outdoor lights installed can attract insects. As much as possible, try to keep your lighting fixtures away from building entryways. 

Apart from exteriors, you also need to maintain cleanliness in several other key areas around your building including the following:

  • Bathrooms, specifically the drains, should be free from debris and clean at all times. The smell can attract bugs and they can get in through tiny cracks in drains or windows near restrooms. 

  • Dining areas must always be kept clean to prevent the spread of germs. However, for your office building to stay pest-free, the kitchen areas and break rooms require your full attention for you to win the fight. Food should be kept in sealed containers. Take out the trash regularly and clear and wipe away food debris on counters or from sinks. 

3rd Tip – Proactive Maintenance is a Must

Proper building maintenance plays a crucial role in your business to stay pest-free. Any damage to the exterior of your building can attract insects. Holes and cracks should be repaired and filled right away. 

Landscape maintenance also plays a pivotal aspect of pest control. Shrubberies should always be trimmed to prevent overgrowth. These are areas where bugs build nests and breed. Don’t overlook your basements, too. If there is no humidifier system there, you can keep bugs away by installing one. 

Of course, at the end of the day, the best weapon to win the battle against pests in office buildings is to keep them clean. Courtesy Building Services Inc will ensure that your building will stay healthy, clean, and pest-free at all times!

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