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The latest buzzword in the world of office and commercial cleaning service in Dallas is none other than Dallas. Providers of janitorial Dallas take this topic rather seriously.

Just so you know, waste disposal has five common different areas and once you consider each one of them carefully, they can be of big help in making a positive effect on your working environment. 

So, what are these five common areas of waste disposal and how can office cleaning services help you with these?

Solid Waste 

Popularly known as garbage or trash, solid waste is a type of waste composed of daily items that the public discards. This can pertain particularly to food wastes, paper, plastic, or even hazardous waste. You have to know the specific category where your waste belongs to ensure that you separate and dispose of it the right way. 

Organic Waste 

Organic wastes are biodegradable wastes that come either from animals or plants. Over time, microorganisms can break down organic waste that is also known as wet waste. Learning how to compost items at your commercial business or offices like vegetable and fruit scraps, dairy, meat products, tea, and coffee grinds can help lessen the burden on what has become a very limited area for garbage disposal. Organic waste can be disposed of and separated easily from other types of waste. 


In case you don’t know it, million tons of plastic waste gets thrown away every year. Only a small portion gets recycled and the rest is taken to landfills, facilities that turn waste into energy, and sometimes, they are just left out in the environment. When you speak of recyclables, these include glass bottles, plastic bottles, steel items like tin, milk and juice cartons, cardboard, and paper. Instead of disposing of these items, you have to put them in the recycling bin to ensure that they don’t end in landfills. Recycling can help reduce pollution brought about by wastes. 

Liquid Waste

Liquid waste is often found in households and businesses including private offices, restaurants, and hotel chains. Liquid waste is defined as grease or oils, fats, liquids, used oil, sludges, gases, and harmful household liquids. These are usually potentially dangerous or hazardous.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous wastes refer to residues from industrial productions such as bases and acids, solvents, and residuals from chemical and oil processing. These products can have a serious negative effect on the environment. There are many forms of hazardous wastes such as sludge, paste, gas, liquid, or solid and can be categorized into different classes. Proper handling and storage of containers of hazardous waste in your office space is a critical aspect that doesn’t only promote a safe working environment as it also gives you the assurance that you follow legislative requirements. To ensure that you don’t harm the environment and human health, it is important that these types of hazardous waste products are properly stored, treated, disposed of, stored, and handled. 

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