Janitorial Services vs. Facilities Services – What Makes Them Different?

Your goal is to make sure that your workplace is attractive and clean. It should be a great place where your employees and your customers want to do business and spend their time. You are then faced with a million dollar question – how will you do it? The answer leads you to janitorial services. However, you might be wondering who to choose and what makes facilities and janitorial services different. Here is a quick overview of these two to help you decide which and when you need one or the other.

Facilities Services – What are They?

If your cleaning requirements go way beyond the usual day to day maintenance, it is about time to consider enlisting the help of a facilities services company. They can deal with more labor-intensive and in-depth cleaning tasks and are often retained on a regular although not daily basis at certain times of the year.

For instance, while janitorial services Dallas may vacuum office carpets on a daily to weekly basis, complete shampooing of the carpet may only be necessary one or two times a year. This is where facilities services companies come in handy.

Some other cleaning services which belong to this category include floor resurfacing, power washing parking areas and building exteriors, deep cleaning tile, furniture and fixtures, upholstery cleaning and, outdoor window washing. There is also facilities service provides that perform general maintenance like preventative mechanical care, repairs, replacing of bulbs and batteries, inspections, and the like.

Janitorial Services – What are They?

Janitorial services handle the performance of regular maintenance and cleaning. Such duties ensure that your office is ready for business and visitors. It can include some services which have to be done on a regular if not day to day basis like sanitizing and cleaning restrooms, kitchens and break rooms, employee lounges, floor vacuuming and sweeping, trash removal, and dusting.

These kinds of services are often done on a scheduled basis, which can be daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or something else, depending on your specific needs. These janitorial services are often used by those businesses that lack dedicated employees to do these functions or are just very busy with their typical job duties to perform these tasks. The staff of janitorial services is trained in ways to eliminate or reduce cross-contamination, proper use of cleaning equipment and agents to guarantee an attractive, sanitary, and safe environment.

Once you have decided that janitorial services are what you need, see to it that the services they offer are going to meet your requirements. It is also a must to check that they will be able to scale up while your business also grows. Once you stick with a janitorial service, you will determine their cleaning schedule and identify the service level that must be achieved to cater to your standards. It makes sense to check references and get a feel of the experience of other people who hired the service in the past. Their level of satisfaction will be a good predictor of your own satisfaction level.

Dallas-based Courtesy Building Services Inc. is composed of highly trained cleaners who use special cleaning equipment and products to handle the cleaning task at hand.


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